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What are you going to do on Thanksgiving day 2021?

Asked by King_Galaxius (348points) November 23rd, 2021
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What are you going to have for your Thanksgiving dinner? What kind of activities will you do? Are you going to go somewhere or are you going to stay home?

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I’ll be going to my dad’s place. Not sure who will be there, but it’s usually just him, his roommate, and my brother. Sometimes one or two other people stop by, but it’s a very tiny space, so we really can’t fit more easily.
I usually just eat a ton of veggies and bring something for dessert. I’m working on modifying this pumpkin muffin recipe and the last few batches have been pretty good, so I’ll be bringing those and possibly some kind of turmeric oat nog.

How about you?

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I’m going to my very good friends’ house. There will be 5 of us: the host, his boyfriend, his daughter, my old friend whose family are all off island this year, and myself. I’m so happy to be going back. There was no gathering last year. We will eat fabulous food, and then we will play games. These friends always have games to play. It’s always so much fun.

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Going to my son’s house.

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Going to my various relatives to visit and eat Thursday and Friday.

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Sleeping in, then making ham, potatoes, and veg for dinner.

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I’m in charge of making rolls.
Rick is going to make a punkin pie.

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Were going to have it here and invite friends.

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I’m going to stay overnight in a fancy social club Wednesday night. It’s an old networking club in NYC that’s about four blocks from Rockefeller Center, so this time of year the whole area is going to be hopping. We’re having Thanksgiving dinner at the club.

We’re taking the train down and back which is about an hour and a half each way from where I live. My daughter is excited because she loves taking the train. To me the train is a bit of a pain with having to take luggage on it, but to me the proximity of the club to Rockefeller Center will be fun. The tree is not lit up yet but there are still going to be a lot of decorations and a lot of action in the whole area.

This club has a strict dress code so to me that’s another hassle about the whole thing, but ya gotta take the bad with the good.

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My son has asked for pizza and his wife asked for taco’s. I am also preparing vegetable tray, fruit tray, cracker and cheese platter and various nut cups.

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We’re having just 2–4 friends over. The plan is to eat:

a winter salad with spinach, roasted pumpkin, and mushrooms
vegetarian lasagna
fiery mashed sweet potatoes
mac and cheese
mini pizzas
pie – pumpkin, apple, and pecan

Then, we’ll play games. I got one which includes throwing a squishy avocado at each other. Should be fun.

The house is still fairly untidy and no food is cooked, but it’ll all come together somehow. I’m trying to be zen about it.

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At my son and his wife and 4 kids.
My other daughter is coming with at least 2 of her kids.
I’m in a bit of a panic tho. I finally got permission to make my bread which the kids love to help with.
However, I am not allowed to make rolls because they have a package of Parkerhouse rolls in the freezer.
Ergo, I can only make my mini bread loaves.
I can’t find my mini loaf bread pan.
I don’t know what to do.

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I found my bread maker. It was in storage.
I called the Itty bitty grocery store in town and asked if they had any mini bread loaf pans.
She said all she had were foil loaf pans that she used to make individual baked goods that she sold. She was willing to sell some to me.
Whew! My life is saved!

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Staying home with wife, son, grand kids, and I assume our DIL. Eating, chilling, watching Dallas play. Eat some more, take a nap. As for what we’re having, turkey, ham, cornbread, pies, all the usual. And I suppose cranberry sauce, which we only eat on Thanksgiving. Go figure. No activities planned, other than maybe a game of washers in the back yard. Weather permitting.

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Taking my kids to Mastro’s Ocean Club in Malibu. It is our first Thanksgiving celebrating without their dad and his family, and I did not want to cook.

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Happy Thanksgiving, jellies!

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