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If Ghislaine Maxwell is found guilty, will she kill herself in jail?

Asked by elbanditoroso (32469points) November 29th, 2021
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Like her weak pedophile patron, Jeffrey Epstein, did?

Her trial started today. Does she have a stronger spine than Epstein did?

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You really believe Epstein killed himself, or did you mean “kill himself”? I certainly think she might not survive. She knows a lot of incriminating things about very wealthy and powerful people.

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Depends on how many years in jail she might get if found guilty.

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There is a 0.000% chance that Epstein committed suicide. I’m honestly surprised Maxwell is still breathing.

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@product do you think the guy with Tangerine make-up and a really bad comb over had anything to do with that ? ?

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@Tropical_Willie More likely the wife of the guy that needed to know what the meaning of the word “is” is.

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There likely is no end to the number of prominent people who are terrified the truth will come out in this trial. I’m just wondering where all the media coverage is.

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They are not allowing cameras in the courtroom for her trial. But I agree, it doesn’t seem like there is much coverage.

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True Justice for these types of criminals is administered in Jail by Inmates, Guards, etc.

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I just took a look at the NY Times online to see what their headlines are and they’re talking about Omicron and supply chain issues. There is a live feed of information from the trial, including who is testifying and what they testified (for example, Jeffrey Epstein’s pilot). The trial is pushed to mid-page because the Omicron seems to be what’s getting the most attention now.

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@Forever_Free You have an interesting notion of justice.

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Although the law states that an accused is deemed innocent until found guilty we must assume there is enough evidence to find her ‘Guilty’

If she is found guilty then she can expect a sentence of up to 70 years.

If she is found guilty and jailed whether she does the same as her compadre Epstein is another matter but somehow I think she won’t.

Of course there is also the possibility that she will be killed by her fellow inmates. Even though they may be criminals themselves one of the thing they hate most is those who abuse minors.

Could it be a case of ‘like father, like daughter’?

Robert Maxwell, her father is alleged to have stolen 50 million pounds from his employees pension fund and there is still discussion as to whether died accidentally, was murdered or took his own life.

Some family!!!

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I would imagine someone who has lived a life of privilege like she has is having a very hard time adjusting to prison life. Not that it would be an easy adjustment for anyone, but for someone used to yachts, private jets, private chefs, exotic vacations, beautiful estates, the best clothes, an unscheduled lifestyle, it’s probably exceedingly difficult.

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She would kill herself if the adjustment hard explicitly if she is rich like what @jca2 said above if she can’t handle it and doesn’t have a reason to live and kills herself. However if she could handle prison life and want to stay alive she will probably push through.

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Probably not. She’ll get out eventually, I expect.

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@SquirrelEStuff – what’s interesting? That we have an intensly neppotistic society, or that people will infer that that truth about American culture means there is no justice? Either way I agree, but probably for different reasons.

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