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How do you get the atlantis awards?

Asked by KRD (1828points) 1 month ago
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Theses awards seem hard to get and I was wondering how to get them.

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Hmm, I don’t think I can help you much because I mostly have noninformation.

I have five of them, out of seven, but I only remember what two are for, and I never actually tried to get any of them. They didn’t interest me.

If I’m not mistaken, one or two are obsolete, by which I mean it’s no longer possible to attain them. I believe one refers to a thread that has been closed and archived for a long time. So that at least tells you not to bother about that one.

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I have 5 out of seven. The guacamole award is no longer available. You would have had to have visited Fluther headquarters in California which no longer exists. Or, in my case, I got to meet up with the site manager at the time, Augustlan (Auggie) to get that award.
I have no idea how to get the Old timer or Robot Crush awards.

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The Atlantis awards are secret. If someone wants to send you a PM about it, they can. But we are not supposed to tell you publicly how to get them, and answers that give away the secret will be moderated.

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One of them is not only easy to get, but for some of us it’s hard to avoid.

As of this post, I have 484 of them, which I think equals about 11 schools. ;p

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I wish I knew how many I had on my former account from a prior life here about 10 years ago. It’s kind of fun when i stumble on old posts of my former self. Working my way back to the gazillion awards I had.

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@Forever_Free, can’t you just reactivate that account?

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The Prefecto-Fihs is given out 1213 times, of which, I’m sure, at least 100 times to me.

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I wish I could look at my old account, but I can’t even find it if I search for it.

I tried to log on to it when Gail died, but I was unable so I created the new one. I’d be happy to view it as the public, not even looking to log on to the account.

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@jca2, I went looking for an old thread that would have your original account, and I came to this one from 2013, which is like a who’s who of Old Fluther. There you were. (I just GA’d you!) That account shows as deleted now, but I seem to recall that the mods can resuscitate an account if requested.

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Thanks @Jeruba! Good research!

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@Jeruba That’s against witness protection rules.

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