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Do you refer to Maryland as a Southern state?

Asked by JLeslie (62390points) December 13th, 2021
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If so, why? If not, how do you classify it and why?

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No. Geography tells its not.

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Not in any way.

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Eastern seaboard

It was considered a southern state initially, but then more states were added.
That is how Ohio was considered midwest, because the Mississippi River was the western border.

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I do not think of it as Southern. I think of it as Mid-Atlantic or East Coast. “Southern” of course is both a geographical and cultural term (and historical, for that matter). In these senses, Maryland is somewhere on the border between regions.

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@chyna Just curious, since you’re using geography for your definition, Maryland is not south of what? What state along the eastern seaboard is the first southern state in your mind? VA? NC? SC? GA? And, why?

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No, although it is south of the Mason Dixon, 80% of troops fought for the Union.
My state was also a border state and divided in two so it’s not generally considered the ‘south’ either.
I’m not sure how the dirty south refers to slave states that were divided in the war.

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Not really, though it’s on the verge, and some definitions do have it in the south.

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I refer to it as a “crabby” state.

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Southern state

1) The Mason-Dixon Line is border between Pennsylvania and Maryland. Northern states and Southern.

2) Driving South from New England on I 95; Maryland is the first state you have to tell them “un-sweet” ice tea in a restaurant, they will pour you ice tea with a cup and a half to two cups of sugar in each gallon.

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Ha! True @Tropical_Willie!
For an unknown reason I consider Virginia and below south. A lot of it has to do with accents too.

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@Tropical_Willie I was just on a facebook thread about sweet tea, and growing up in MD I never heard of sweet tea, although I don’t doubt they might serve it in Southern MD and some other pockets of the state. It wasn’t until I lived in North Carolina that I encountered sweet tea as a standard in restaurants.

@janbb That is appropriate. :)

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@janbb, but it’s such a merry land!

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@chyna But but, Florida doesn’t have a Southern accent. Maybe right next to the north border of the state you can find some southern accents.

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Yes, it is below the Mason Dixon line. And it was a slave state. Can’t pretty up around that fact.

(It’s only saving grace is that it was founded as a Catholic colony).

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I’m enjoying these answers. Everyone is getting a GA from me for answering.

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I don’t consider it a southern state, but then, correct or not, I think of ‘southern’ as more of an attitude than a location.

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Maryland did not try to secede. While it was a slave state, many runaway slaves seeked refuge there.
I think of it as a border state, leaning North.

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No. It was a member of the Union. Other than that, I consider it an Eastern state.

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I don’t think anyone has used the term mid-Atlantic state yet.

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I do not,

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@JLeslie: @Demosthenes referred to mid-Atlantic.

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No, when I think southern states I think confederate states.

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@jca2 Thanks!

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If they say “y’all” it’s Southern. If they say “All y’alls” it is deep south.

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South of the Mason-Dixon. South it is!

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