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May I set aside all personal issues known to lurk and share wishes for the coming year?

Asked by Patty_Melt (16983points) 1 month ago
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Let’s pack away those sore topics for this one question, and discuss goals, and make nice wishes for each other.

We have lost friends in recent months. We have jellies facing things we regret. Let’s also remember now.

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I have big hopes for 22.
My future depends on some of them.
Here’s hoping it will be a bonus batch of months for us all.

/u <that is supposed to be pouring for a toast.

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@Patty_Melt I’ll drink to that! Best wishes for all you hope for.

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Here’s to all jellies past and present. Only good wishes to all. I tip my glass of wine to all.

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Agree absolutely.

I think we all need a break from everything that’s worn us down over the last 12 months, personally and otherwise. I’m looking forward to a fresh start on new projects, as well as some work I’ll be carrying on from last year.

Wishing bettter times and good luck to everyone for 2022.

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My focus for the new year is to improve my grammar score on a specific free online test.

When I first took it 20 years ago I got 30%, last year was 55%, and recently got a 63%.

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Best wishes to everyone. Especially you sweet @Patty_Melt.

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@RedDeerGuy1 I like your dedication!

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Happy New Year to all the Jellies!
Let’s hope for an outbreak of love and sanity!

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We have spoken many times about our mansion. Just now though, I truly wish we could all be seated at banquet tables, beverages flowing freely and all the favorite foods we can ask for.
We jellies deserve a chance to meet in person, and spend an evening together bonding, as people, not just words on a screen.
If my writing does well enough at market, I want to arrange it. That would include arrangements for anyone with health issues.
It would have to be held someplace people can get giddy and carry on, and still be treated with comfort and esteem.

I might have to purchase a venue. ;-D

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I hope 2022 treats you well, @Patty.

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I hope it treats us all well, @Jonsblond.
(((HUGS))) and tears

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(((Hugs))) :)

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@Patty_Melt I might have to purchase a venue.

Umm. . . could we get up a collection? Like maybe set up a gofundme just for us? or a paypal acct? I dunno, just throwing stuff out. I won’t be offended if you guys want to throw this suggestion out. ;o)

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We actually have one same wish @Patty_Melt. May we all able to achieve it :)

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It wouldn’t be a proper fluther banquet without you, Mimi.

would you rather visit, or stay?

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I’m happy to visit, but I would be happier to stay :D

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2022 will be the year to remember. Make it a memorable one in every way!

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Best wishes to all for the coming year. Let the adventure begin….....

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I’m all for setting aside differences in favor of cordiality, especially at this season. My best wishes to one and all for a happy wrap-up to the holidays and a new (and improved) coming year.

Thanks, @Patty_Melt, for starting this cheering thread.

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Happiest New Year ! !

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Of course, and a happy stress-free new year to you too.

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Best wishes to all!

May those of us who are having a particularly hard time, feel their burdens fall away.

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Thank you, @Zaku. I’m going to take that personally.

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{{{{HUGS}}}} @Jeruba

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Yes you can . Thank you and the same to you.

(But I can’t help but suspect a fuse has been lit.)

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Thank you @Zaku. May 2022 be a better year for all of us.

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Thanks, @TW. Same to {{{{you}}}}.

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Merry Christmas and God bless!

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@Chestnut, may you experience a very rewarding year ahead!

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Keep calm and keep on truckin’.

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Happy New Year! This is New Year in my place just now!

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@Mimishu1995 And to you!

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@Mimishu1995 Happy New Year Mimi! You out dancing and romancing? Be safe!

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@chyna I tip a glass to any occasion. Is it Ground Hog Day yet?

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psssst @Nomore_lockout It’s National Potato Week ;o)

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Well then lets have a brew. Or two, or ten. Never met a tater I didn’t like. : ) @smudges

Nomore_lockout's avatar fee more and it’s all over. Happy New Year folks!

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I agree with the comment that said, “We need an old cartoons exclusive channel”!

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Happy new year, jellies!

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@raum How are you all feeling?

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@janbb Not bad! Everyone has a bit of a lingering cough, but more or less back to normal. My Sore Throat From Hell transitioned into a regular sore throat. (Just drinking water would bring tears to my eyes.)

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@Nomore_lockout I went out with my family in our car, so no real risk here. We had some fun time together :)

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Happy New Year, everyone! Here’s hoping we all have a good year ahead. Cheers to new beginnings, new opportunities, new paths, new hope.

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