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What do you spend your discretionary income on?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (22413points) December 28th, 2021
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If you have any? After the bills are paid?

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Entertainment, a few personal luxuries, and savings.

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@JLoon Thanks. Mine is clothes, books, and food. Also savings.

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Most of it goes into our retirement savings, some on travel, some on loans to my son.

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Mostly, I save it.

Once in a while I have a vacation or buy some new clothes. Before covid I went to the theatre or symphony a few times a year. Also, less worry about prices if I want something, but I don’t want for much.

My husband does more spending than me, but it’s still sporadic. He saves and saves too, but then spends big on a car or a racing weekend.

We also spend on helping my inlaws sometimes.

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I have been saving almost all of it recently but I like to go on holidays and eat out at nice restaurants from time to time.

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I really don’t spend very much. I’m at the age when I should not be acquiring anything.
I can afford anything I want but, because I can, I don’t.
l do buy tools or equipment or something that expands my capabilities. Here’s an example:

Humans have 3 different kinds of photoreceptor cones that are used to see colors like red, green, and blue. I recently read that seagulls have 4 different types of cones in their eyes that allow them to see in the infrared – and that males look different from females in IR! For me to see that I will need a different IR viewer. I’ll buy one and keep it in my car. I am certain I will use it for other projects. I guess that is discretionary spending.
I’m also planning a trip to visit friends. That is discretionary, too.

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@LuckyGuy That’s cool about the special viewer. I’ve thought about buying my dad the glasses for colorblind. They’re pricey and he didn’t seem interested when I mentioned it once a while ago, but I probably should just do it.

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New Stock investments
Amazing Wine, Bourbon, Rum, and Gin
New Skis

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Movies and occasional plays, travel, eating out, painting classes and the gym

I save a lot.

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Oh – and charitable donations.

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My kids

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I only listed discretionary discretionary. Some people might define that spending as “frivolous”.
I also spend on savings, the house, family, grand kids, essential workers, charities, friends, and tip jars.
I try to spend zero on sports, TV, and music celebrities. They have more than enough. I’d rather give my money to people who need it.

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To me, saving is in a different category than spending so saving goes without saying.

We take trips (day trips and vacations), we go out to eat.

I get my hair done. We used to go to plays and movies but haven’t since the pandemic. I also liked concerts. I’m at the point where I’m trying to get rid of stuff so I’m trying not to buy clothes and jewelry now unless I need something for a special occasion.

I’ll buy craft supplies if I need something. I’ve been trying not to buy holiday stuff but did get a few things this holiday season.

I’m going to be painting and decorating my living room soon so I’ll be spending on paint, furniture and accessories. My tentative plan is to buy a used couch and get it reupholstered. It will cost as much as a new one but I’ll have the fabric that I want.

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