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What title or award do you want the most?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19840points) 4 weeks ago
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Like M.D., Ph.D. philosopher, Nobel prize winner? Pope? Dad or mom?

Humor welcome.

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#1 on the best seller list.

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Her Majesty.

Just kidding. I really wanted to earn a Ph.D. At the time, the obstacles seemed too great. I guess now I would settle for decent human being.

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Best Dog Mom Ever.

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I used to want an Oscar, but gave up on a screenplay I was working on. (in the mean time, no fewer that 8 movies have had similar plot devices).
I actively tried to get the Guacamole award here, but never got it.
At this point, I would be happy to be remembered as an American.

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I want to be the Cheese Curd Girl of Wisconsin.

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@Jonsblond As you wish!

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Best daughter! You’d think being my mom’s only child it would be easy but not with a Leo. Haha!

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Wise Woman of the Eastern Seas

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Sir captain funkaho

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President of the Procrasti Nation! ;p

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@Brian1946 I will vote for you…. Later.

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Having a theorem named after me

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I’m quite happy with grandpa.

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Queen of Fluther, abbreviated as QOF, pronounced “quoff.”

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The Man Who Would be King (Of the Slackers). Never do anything today, that can wait until tomorrow. Or even the day after tomorrow. I could really use a nap. Or a beer and some Cheetos.

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Put Me in the Corner with Some Snacks and Don’t Worry About Me, I’m Good (aka PMitCwSSaDWAMIG).

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@janbb Wise Woman of the Eastern Seas

No, that’s wrong. You’re from Antarctica, or perhaps the Falkland Islands.

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I enjoyed the few times I earned a “bad ass” designation from fellow musicians, and will enjoy it again if/when that happens.

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