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Which hand do you use to eat with chopsticks?

Asked by Tropical_Willie (29170points) January 6th, 2022
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The reason I ask is I’ve seen food shows on the Cooking Channel in foreign countries where people are eating with chopsticks in their left hand, almost everyone in the restaurant. I’m ambidextrous but use my right hand for chopsticks. My father insisted that I learn to use them when I was 8, he was working with customers from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hawaii. Came in handy working with manufacturing consultants from Japan when going to dinner.

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I use my right hand, which is dominant.
I am not suggesting that my left hand is submissive.

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Right hand.

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Right hand

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I am right-handed and use it for eating with chopsticks.

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Most people use chopsticks with their dominant hand. It isn’t a cultural thing, it is a hand dominance thing.

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Right hand.

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The images you’re seeing could be flipped, too.

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Right here, too.
GA @Dutchess_III Makes sense!

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Right hand. I use the left to hold the bowl of rice.

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I use my right, but both when I break a piece of food in half to be a more manageable bite.

I miss Yoshinoya, the McDonald’s of rice bowls. It was efficient, and yum! I wish they were all over the plains states.

I used to draw stares from customers and employees. I don’t look at all Asian, but I am very handy with them. They must have been amused. I prefer chopsticks with foods that they work for. It might be the under grip as opposed to over.

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I’m left handed and use chopsticks with my left hand.

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Right, but I am horrible with chopsticks, so I avoid it like the plague.

When I was in Taiwan, I muddled through but didn’t eat much. There were some very strange foods I ate there.

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My left hand is more dexterous, so that is what I use for chopsticks. My right arm is more coordinated for large movements, like throwing.

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