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How can I figure out which app on my husband's phone is charging $4.99 a month?

Asked by Dutchess_III (45318points) January 10th, 2022
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I called to check my phone plan because I’m looking else where.
I’m going through his apps. One seems suspicious, the NFL app. When I go it just opens up, but doesn’t say if they’re charging for it.
When I google it on another device it says “Start your 7 day free trial” but it never says how much it will cost after that.

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If it’s an Android phone you (or (ask/tell) him to) go to the Google Play Store app.
There you click the account avatar (right hand in the search bar).
Then choose “Payments & Subscriptions.
In there you will find what app is payed, and how much per month/year.

If it is an iPhone I don’t know how to find it, but I’m sure there will come an iPhone user.

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It’s an Android. I can’t find a Google Play Store app on his phone….

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I have a “folder” labeled “Google” and I see Google stuff but no play store.

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I found it.

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No luck. I found “Payments and Subscriptions” There was nothing listed in Subscriptions.

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I dunno, but at almost $60/year I’d find out.

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Workin on it @smudges

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I wonder if doing a factory reset would do the trick?

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I’d give it a go.

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I wonder if you can just cancel the app that you think is charging and then hopefully the charge should come off. Did you look at the credit card bill? Maybe that specifies, or does it all just come under the phone provider?

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Worst-case scenario you may need to cancel and get a new card number. A current fraud scheme start with small amounts charged by an app then wipe you out.

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@KNOWITALL it doesn’t sound like fraud though. it sounds like an app that Rick downloaded but that Dutch just can’t figure out which it is.

If you go to the web site for that app, Dutch, is there a help or contact that you can ask what the charge is?

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I uninstallerd 2 apps that i thought might be the culprit but have no way of knowing until my bill next month.
In “Payments and subscriptions” it shows the credit card on file has expired.
It isn’t charging to the debit card (hence to the checking account) but it’s a rider on my cell phone bill.

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I have no clue what application it is @janbb.

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Have you tried calling the phone carrier and asking them what app the charge is for?

How many does he have?

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^^^ Of course. That’s how I found out about it.

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We’re going around in circles here. You said you don’t know what app the charge is for, I asked if you could call the phone company and ask them what app and then you said of course you called.

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Yes. Today I called them to let them know I was shopping around to save money. They sent me to a retention specialist and she went over my bill with a fine toothed comb and found the app attached to my husband’s cell phone number.
They are unable to say what app it is or do anything about it since it didn’t originate with them.
So now I’m on the hunt.

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Did I miss where you mention if you had asked Rick?

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Yeah cuz he wouldn’t remember if had done it.

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Uninstalling a subscription app won’t stop the monthly payments. You have to cancel the subscription to get the charges to stop. You should be able to do that as shown here

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Oh and the phone used to be mine. My grandson plays on my phone sometimes. He may have inadvertently downloaded it.

I’ve learned a lot but couldn’t find what I needed. I’ll take it to my carrier. Hopefully they can solve the mystery.

Thanks so much for the suggestions.

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