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What are some fast paced thriller books with male protagonist?

Asked by duskyevening (9points) 2 weeks ago
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Should be only Suspense/Thriller based.

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Just about anything by Robert Ludlum, especially the Bourne Trilogy. You can read his books in a single extended sitting, they are definitely page turners.

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Lee Child’s series with Jack Reacher as the protagonist.

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Tom Clancy books starting from Hunt for Red October.

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Jonathan Maberry books featuring Joe Ledger as the protagonist.

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A friend of mine writes Legal Thrillers.

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John Grisham’s books are page turners as well.

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I remember reading Ken Follett, and Clive Custler.

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Change Agent by Daniel Suarez

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James Bond

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@kruger_d The Ian Fleming books are dull as dishwater. The movies made them exciting.

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