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Do you have any interesting/sweet sympathy gift ideas?

Asked by anniereborn (15458points) January 18th, 2022
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My best friend’s husband just died. I don’t want to get her flowers or a plant. Do you know of any other ideas? This is just to send her. We don’t live super close.

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You can send a chocolate, or fruit, gift basket. Or ask if she needs anything; Like a maid service, or a delicious casserole dish? Or you can pay for an extra long distance phone call? Or let her stay a week as a guest at a hotel or your house until she gets on her feet?

Sorry for not being helpful. I don’t handle death and loss well.

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I’m very sorry to hear about this loss.

I suggest sending just a card now and following up with a gift in about 2 weeks. I make this suggestion, because most people receive many things in the first days after the loss, but they don’t get them after a few weeks. Your thoughts in the weeks ahead are going to be what’s important.

For a gift, I think a coupon for a restaurant or home delivery meal would be nice.

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A few things I have sent:
A steppingstone with a verse she might like or hands clasped together, not as in prayer, but as in holding hands.
Wind chimes that will make her think of him when the wind blows through them and they gently tinkle.
A throw for the couch or chair that has a picture of something special to them like a breed of dog, a winter scene, a view of the mountains. I got one for a friend that had the first verse of Amazing Grace on it. Her mother had died and it was her mom’s favorite song.
I’m sorry you have lost another person close to you. {{hugs}}

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One of my kids’ old teacher recently lost her son in an accident. We collected cards and artwork from her old students. And I included a book of poetry by Mary Oliver.

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For my kid’s graduation, we did something called Kudoboard. Where you send the link to friends and family to post a message, photo, whatever.

Kudoboard may not be appropriate for bereavement. But I’m wondering if there’s a similar service? Would be nice to send to mutual friends.

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I’ve heard that a gift of a gourmet food basket can be well received by some. Harry and David’s makes nice fruit and treats ones.

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I’m sorry your best friend is having to go through this, what an awful time. Think of the things that helped you feel loved and appreciated, and maybe do one/some of them? I think your empathetic ear and caring may be the best thing for your friend.

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What I appreciated most were the cards and notes and the help with meals.

The thoughtful cards with their comforting words lifted my spirits, just knowing that people cared and wanted to reach out.

And the meals helped keep me going. Those early days were very hard. Local friends actually coordinated and brought dinners, and others sent take-out gifts or gift cards. I didn’t care that it was a time-worn custom; not having to think about food in those first days helped greatly. A plant was a nice thought, but I really didn’t want to bother with something else that needed to be taken care of. A roast chicken with potatoes and vegetables relieved me of a burden.

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@janbb Hmmm, I think I have heard that somewhere before too.
Thank you everyone. Yes, food really really helped me out!

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My best friends once made me a care package filled with things like bath products, soup mix in a bag, novelty socks, and a caring letter. That really meant a lot.

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Maybe aromatherapy oils, or a scented candle.

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