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Can you share your favorite bread recipes and tips?

Asked by JLeslie (64657points) January 18th, 2022
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Looking for yeast bread recipes.

I’ve tried making a rustic bread a few times. I also tried pizza dough, and I’d like to try French bread.

I’m not great at making bread. The rustic has turned out the best so far, but still lacking. I tried cutting the salt, and that was not a good idea, now I know the bread needs the salt.

Pizza dough wasn’t good at all.

No problem with the rising, my dough rises.

I just need better recipes I guess, or maybe I should watch some YouTube’s, but I’d like jelly tips too.

My husband loves when I make bread, he never complains. He does critique it, like the lack of salt that one time, which I’m glad he does, but he always eats it all up, and tells me how much he appreciates it.

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No knead has been a staple of mine for years. It’s best for beginners but I never felt the need to try anything more “advanced.”

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I used to work in a Bakery for years and took a short course through that employment.
It showed us different techniques to braid the dough! Facinating in that there are many ways to showcase the bread .
Also the easy ways to add toppings in or on top the bread…seeds ( sunflour seeds, mixed seeds, poppy seed, itialian dressing on and on top, vast spices to try to ampt up the taste buds) plus suing variety of cheese and sauses ( pasta sauce ..thin on top etc).
Check online for these suggestions.. found this as an example:

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