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Could you please name someone that you think is, or was, "charismatic?

Asked by rebbel (35501points) February 8th, 2022
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No matter if they are, or were, seen as positive people or negative people.
It’s to help me with a thought experiment.
Thanks in advance!

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Donald Trump

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Charismatic can have positive and negative traits.
By definition compelling charm which inspires devotion.

Napoleon Bonaparte
Fidel Castro
Winston Churchill
Mahatma Gandhi
Adolf Hitler
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Malcolm X
Nelson Mandela
Eva Perón

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I’ve known three people personally whom I would say have charisma.

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Gregor Gysi

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Cary Grant, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Katherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, David Niven, Robert Redford, Paul Newman, Jimmie Stewart, John Wayne, Gregory Peck, Grace Kelly (ok, this list is nearly endless . . .)

Adolf Hitler, Napoleon Bonaparte, Julius Caesar, Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, Queen Elizabeth II (I could go on and on . . .)

David Bowie, Ru Paul, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Elvis Presley (also endless . . .)

Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela (etc . . .)

Endless other people who aren’t famous.

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Bill Clinton, JFK

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Pete Davidson :)

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Taylor Swift.

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OK. I’m glad if I could help :)

There was this woman who worked in my workplace. She was extremely charismatic to her coworkers and the children, to the point of being really popular in the place. She was the one to greet me when I was transferred there. At first I really liked her. I wanted to be around her and I loved her positive energy and extroversion she talked a lot and could make anything interesting. She was always the one to initiate a conversation with everyone, from the children to other teachers.

But then one day, I messed up at work, and somehow she got really angry. She was so angry that she asked me to stay after work just to tell me how much she loved me and how I should be ashamed of myself. She became a totally different person. That was when I realized that the friendliness I saw before was all a mask, and she was using it to hide the ugly person inside. I stopped talking to her after that, and tried to limit my contact with her. Nevertheless, she continued to attract everyone’s love. No one was able to see her nastiness. She was nasty to the children sometimes, but that was always under the guise of love and care. For a long time I couldn’t voice my real opinion on her because I knew everyone loved her and I would be called a jealous and lazy moocher if I said anything negative about her.

I’m so glad she no longer works in my place. For a long time she made working horrendous to me.

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Harry Styles

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Winston Churchill and John Wayne. Didn’t care for Waynes politics, but he was a hell of a cowboy star. Best one ever, in my opinion. Guess that’s what the mean by “Separating the art from the artist”.

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Adolph Hitler
Mahatma Gandhi
Grigori Rasputin
Queen Elizabeth
Katherine Hepburn
Oscar Wilde
Freddie Mercury

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I think some answers above, charisma is not what was responsible for a large following but fear.

Michael Jackson
Ronald Reagan
Sean Connery
Paul Lynde
Vladimir Putin
Audry & Kate Hepburn
Tom MacDonald

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Casey Anthony

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I agree with @Patty_Melt about Ronald Reagan.

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President Obama is charismatic.

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I used to have charisma but I ran out. Now I can’t afford it -

Maybe I’ll just buy a puppy.

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I had thought of Obama as well.

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Robert Reich

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How about L Ron Hubbard?

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Most of my choices have been already named. I will add George Clooney.
I am reminded of the poem Richard Cory:

Whenever Richard Cory went down town,
We people on the pavement looked at him:
He was a gentleman from sole to crown,
Clean favored, and imperially slim.

And he was always quietly arrayed,
And he was always human when he talked;
But still he fluttered pulses when he said,
“Good-morning,” and he glittered when he walked.

And he was rich—yes, richer than a king—
And admirably schooled in every grace:
In fine, we thought that he was everything
To make us wish that we were in his place.

So on we worked, and waited for the light,
And went without the meat, and cursed the bread;
And Richard Cory, one calm summer night,
Went home and put a bullet through his head.

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From what I’ve read, Ted Bundy who murdered at least 30 women back in the mid to late 70’s

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Billy Graham
Dwight Eisenhower
Shirley Temple
Annette Funicello
Rudoph Valentino
Marilyn Monroe
Yo-Yo Ma
the Dalai Lama
Luciano Pavarotti
Pete Seeger
Joseph Campbell
Lucille Ball
Maria Callas
Judy Garland

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@filmfann, nice choice in context. Just to mention the poet: Edwin Arlington Robinson.

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Joel Osteen -Mega rich pastor
David Koresh- Cult leader of the Branch Davidians of Waco, Texas . Known for the siege on their ranch in the early 90’s.
Rev. Jim Jones known for gathering his “flock” of around 600 people together in Jonestown, Guyana and convincing them to drink poisonous kool-aid to lull themselves. This was in the late 70’s.
So all charismatic people aren’t “good, honest” people.

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Michelle Obama.
My husband.

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Clark Gable.
Cary Grant.
Kathy Ireland.

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Sophia Loren… Woo Hoo! Charisma and sex appeal. She seriously had it goin’ on.

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Mirage from The Incredibles.

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George Carlin
Orson Welles

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The Wizard of Oz. He faked everyone I order to gain and maintain power of Oz. He had no magical powers. He even referred to himself more than once as a “humbug wizard”. He was worse than just bad, he was evil. He was not just merely evil. He was really quite sincerely evil.

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Christopher Reeve as Superman and as himself.

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