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Can you update a laptop from windows 10 to windows 11?

Asked by KRD (5174points) February 21st, 2022
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Is it possible to update it or do I get a new laptop. If I can upgrade it does it cost anything?

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I haven’t upgraded yet so I don’t know how smooth it will go. I have an HP 2-in-1 Envy laptop and I have a notification icon from Microsoft on my task bar in the right corner of the screen that looks like a TV screen with a design in it and a blue dot on top of it. When I hover my mouse over it, I see a message that the “Upgrade to Windows 11 is ready for my PC”. I had a similar notice when I upgraded to Win10 and everything went smooth. This is supposed to be a free upgrade from Microsoft. I’m procrastinating moving over to 11 as I’ve just become really comfortable with 10 so I have no firsthand knowledge of how successful the upgrade will be. Before you jump into it, I suggest that you do a backup of any pertinent files on your current system. Good luck

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It depends on what is under the hood in your laptop. Windows 10 would run on a potato. Win 11 is a little more discerning. You can run the Windows PC health check app to see.

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I forgot to put in the details that I have a ASUS republic of gamers.

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@KRD Just use this:

If it’s not 100% there are ways around certain things. If you are 100% then you’re good to go.

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I switched to Windows 11 a few months ago with no issue; then again my laptop is fairly new (got it back in May last year). I think your laptop will tell you whether it can make the switch or not. Also I think you don’t have to switch yet anyway if you don’t want to, Windows 10 will work until 2025 or something like that I think

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I updated my 1 year old laptop to Win11. No real difference that I can tell. Same for my wife’s 2 year old laptop.

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@RocketGuy maybe it is just to help your laptop go faster.

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@Blackwater_Park Excellent link—thank you

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@KRD – I think the only gain I have heard is that security is tighter than in Win10. PCMag did a test and found that Win11 was equally fast as Win10.

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I will try updating my laptop from windows 10 to windows 11. Question do I need to back everything up before I get the update?

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I keep most of my data on a network drive, so didn’t care if my data went poof on the laptop. It did not go poof when I upgraded.

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@KRD Err on the side of caution and backup everything important to you. If you have a backup everything will go smoothly. If you don’t you can lose everything

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