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Why is there so much bad stigma about people who are LGBTQA+?

Asked by vimead1 (595points) March 9th, 2022
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There are so many people who think that being lgbtqa+ is evil or bad, Why do they think that?

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Good point.

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People tend to fear what they don’t understand!!! In this case, the idea is repulsive to them & they aren’t interested in understanding anything different because IF they understand it, they might like it & they would repulse themselves. It’s a lot easier to attack others than it is to understand them, so they take the easy route.

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It’s mostly the older generation and their rigid “Christian” upbringing.

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^^ I’m classified as the “older generation” & I was definitely raised in a rigid “Christian” home & I don’t think that way!!! Many that I see that do are the 30–50 age group who are old enough to know better…they just don’t want to face it!!! Actually, it’s my “Christian” upbringing that tells me to love my gay friends just as much as I love all my other friends…the Bible tells me so!!!

@Brian1946 Interesting thought!!!

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Me too @LadyMarissa. But my religious upbringing wasn’t very rigid.

It comes down to our ridiculous, Puritanical obsession with sex.

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Boy you dug deep for that one @Brian1946! Wish Simone was still with us.

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We all should have the freedom to love whom we want. We only get to have a single life, then why not spend it with the one we love ? I don’t know why some people can’t seem to understand this simple thing.

I guess only time can cure this type of thinking.

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There are many possible reasons why there’s a stigma – people are scared, people are disgusted, people’s religion forbids anything other than heterosexual relationships. These are just a few possibilities and of course, the answer could be a combination of the above, as well. Sometimes people are actually gay but afraid to tell others so they act like they dislike it. There have been some politicians who have voted for anti-gay legislature and have been found to be gay themselves.

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It’s a dog and pony show and
distraction for the base of a certain political party. Look, gay people! What’s that? Some nut job shot up another school? Move on nothing to see here. What’s that? Five hundred dollars for a Tylenol and a cup of water? Hey look at the gay people holding hands in public!

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How many male pastors rant against homosexuality….then get caught in the closet?

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In the cold war days being caught meant that you could be coerced by a foreign power. Not so much anymore. In Edmonton Alberta Michael Phair
became the first openly gay city councilor.

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There isn’t anymore. Gee, sorry you know so many. I know none.

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Unfortunately, humans just stepped out of the cave, timeline-wise.

We simply have not been here long enough to have enough progress.

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