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Do you think I was being overly cautious at my cleaning job or not?

Asked by Cindy1302 (806points) March 15th, 2022
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Right when the pandemic started, so about 2 years ago I had a job cleaning bathrooms. Anways, I wouldn’t just disinfect high touch areas like doorhandles and toilet handles, but I would disinfect the entire bathroom stall, all of them regaurdless of whether they looked clean or not, in case someone touched it. I would also disinfect all the door frames too, in case someone brushed against it. Also, there were these doggy bag dispensers outside that I would disinfect. I would also disinfect the trash can lids. I started doing this right when the pandemic started, and i was finishing and extra hour late everyday, and I quit because I felt too overwhelmed. Was I being overly cautious or not?

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You were indeed if you were donating a free hour daily of work to your employer.

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In the beginning most everyone was being overly cautious.

I’m no expert, but I would think your super duper clean is good periodically, maybe once a week; but hourly or daily (whatever your routine is) the high touch areas are most likely enough. Probably, the CDC has guidelines. You shouldn’t be working for free.

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If it was in your job description to disinfect everything from the doorknob to the tiles, then no.
If you did (much) more than what your job description said, and if you had to work longer, with no (extra) pay, then yes.
Ultimately, how it made you feel, doing these actions, this total disinfecting, that is the most important.

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No. You were one of the few to do your job properly. Howard Hughes would be glad to have you as his cleaner.

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Is this bothering you now? I just wonder why now, 2 years after you did this and quit, you’re still wondering about it.

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At the time, no one really knew how Covid was spread. You were doing a thorough job! Thank you!

You can visit my house any time! :-)

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@Cindy1302 As a health care worker, I say you are doing your job! And doing it well!

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