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In grade school did you adjust your clothing and hairstyle just in case you got in a fight?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23815points) March 16th, 2022
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Like a brush cut and jeans?
Also did you skip class to avoid bullies?

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NO, I’m a lover NOT a fighter!!! I NEVER skipped class in my entire 12 years of going to school. I was in high school before I had a real bullying experience. It wasn’t a full on physical assault but more of a verbal harassment. I dealt with it as best I could until she lost interest in me & found a new girl to bully.

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That is why I was constantly suspended. Apparently, full plate armour “violates the dress code”.

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@ragingloli I needed my clothes to complement my dexterity and flexibility and the agility and strength to climb over fences.

I had a Bart Simpson Hair-cut with cotton or denim pants and thick sweaters to deflect pocket knife strikes.

I enjoyed some of the fights and I could run faster than anyone else that I knew at the time, just incase I got over my head.

I stopped fighting in grade 10 when I realized that people ignored me when I stopped being a prick and focused on my studies. Also I watched a news report that the separate school’s would initiate a zero tolerance to fighting.

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No, because if anyone tried to fight me I was ready.

I was confident and groeing up with two brothers who wrestled all the time in the house got accustommed to it and thus took it in stride as a part of life.

As a girl who was sent outdoors all of the time and as we had no TV nor toys to occupy our minds we went wandering outdoors climbing trees,walking in the woods exploring without any supervsion. that it became second nature to us.
Confrontation never bothered me as I was ready willing and able should the need arise and used only for a good reason to right an injustice.

Imagine if one is meandering and some one comes at you…one then doesn’t think of what clothes that they are wearing, since this could happen at anytime.

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