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Is the US making any sort of serious dent into our weaponry stash by sending help to Ukraine?

Asked by JLeslie (64893points) March 17th, 2022
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Guns, tanks, planes, I don’t know exactly what we are sending to Ukraine.

I’m in favor of helping Ukraine, this isn’t a Q about that, I’m just curious if the US is attacked is there any chance we would be needing some of what we sent.

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The US “stash” is not even dented by this. In fact it helps to be able to get things out of mothballs and replenish.

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Most likely older equiptment is being sent.

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I suspect we have enough military gear to kill everyone in the world three times over if we wanted to. It is criminal.

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Yeah right, a dent….
You guys spend more on “defense” than all other countries on Earth combined, and then some.
Or, what @janbb said.

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Actually, I just saw a statement on, I think, Twitter, that said “USA to give Ukraine Stingers and Javelins”, to which someone replied: “Russia going to find out why Americans don’t have health care.”

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“I suspect we have enough military gear to kill everyone in the world three times over if we wanted to.”
‘Nuff said!

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Think of Ukraine as a shop window for arms sales.

The US and Russia are the two leading arms exporters in the world. The top 5 largest arms manufacturers are US corporations.

Ukraine isn’t making any sort of dent in the military capacity or weapons stockpile of the USA. It’s more like a free sample for marketing purposes.

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Yea the military industrial complex is like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos deciding to start working with the military.
It’s just unlimited funding.

Does no one remember the two separate times the Pentagon misplaced and lost trillions of dollars…..??

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Just guessing of course, but I would say “no”. It doesn’t seem like the US is offering much assistance at all. I’m sure certain politicians would jump on any opportunity to criticize the President if they believed our national defense was being weakened through assisting Ukraine.

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