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Is there a new update on Fluther?

Asked by KRD (5060points) March 27th, 2022
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I came on today and found that the stars for lurve have been replaced by “points” and it seems to be lagging out. Is there a update or has it been there for a while?

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It’s called “lurve” and it’s always been lurve. Lurve comes in the form of numbers.

There are not as many people here as were here 12 years ago so it’s slower to accumulate lurve.

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We’ve been having some problems over the last couple of days & I’m assuming that the powers that be have been tinkering with a solution. It has gotten better as the day goes by!!! :)

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I hadn’t noticed. It’s just lurve.

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Whatever the problem was, it appears to be resolved now. Can anybody say…THANK YOU BEN!!!

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@KRD, it may not have been mentioned to you, but the site is not being actively updated. The founders have moved on to other work. This is a legacy site that is maintained simply to keep it running. Every once in a while, a glitch occurs, and @ben, a founder, is notified and comes around to fix things.

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