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Thinking about autocrats - if Kim Jung Un were in charge in Russia instead of Vlad ('the failure') Putin, would members of the government already have been beheaded?

Asked by elbanditoroso (32289points) March 30th, 2022
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Kim Jung Un has a reputation for having members of his government killed for various reasons.

List which doesn’t seem up to date. And don’t forget his half-brother

Putin’s generals clearly have not served him well. Why hasn’t Putin put them to death? That’s what Kim Jong Un would have done.

Is Putin a wimp compared to the leader of N Korea?

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Stable geniuses are NOT always as stable as they appear!!! Putin is a tyrant; but as you’ve so aptly pointed out, there could be worse coming behind him. As crazy as he is, we know how to deal with his crazy!!!

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Putin only kills the people who really annoy him. Care for a cup of tea?

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Kim Jong Un doesn’t have imperialist ambitions the way America has had in the recent living past, and the way Putin does now.
If The Outstanding Leader for some reason was in charge of the Russian invading forces, then yes he would start the beheadings. Especially on the generals who were fine with communicating war plans on public airwaves instead of using encryption. And the advisors who lied to him about being able to do a quick invasion. Whoever suggested a 4-front war to him would also get the axe, because that clearly didn’t work.

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