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How do I safely enjoy these cookies?

Asked by longgone (19018points) March 30th, 2022
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I made savoury cookies on Monday. I have some leftover dough. The ingredients are egg, flour, applesauce, peanut butter, sugar, salt, and water. The dough has been refrigerated, and it is now Wednesday. Should I freeze it today to keep it safe, or (preferred option) leave it in the fridge and bake tomorrow?

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If it was in the fridge, it will be fine to bake tomorrow.

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^^ I agree!!!

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It’ll be fine to bake tomorrow!

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I would throw it in the garbage today. I would not keep raw egg longer than overnight.

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If it’s been kept in the fridge, it should be fine for a day or so.

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Thanks, all. That’s what I was hoping for!

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@longgone I am available for taste testing. For safety purposes, of course.

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Well, how did the cookies come out???

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How did the cookies turn out?

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They were great. Peanutbutter, you know?

Sorry, @canidmajor, all gobbled up.

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That’s great @longgone! @canidmajor I was going to ask for a taste testing for safety to.

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I had NO doubt that they’d be safe as I’ve tested this in the past myself!!!

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I’ve kept cookie dough for a week and it’s fine.

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