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Is it complicated to make baked cheddar and spaghetti in the oven?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23525points) April 1st, 2022
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I have a bag of shredded cheddar cheese and a box of spaghetti noodles. Can I boil the noodles and drain then top with cheese in the oven? I also have a handful of beef meatballs.

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Sure, that will be fine.

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When I get thoughts like that, I make it & then decide IF I ever want to make it again!!!

Personally, I’d want some kind of spaghetti sauce on mine…it’s your taste buds & your stomach…GO FOR IT!!!

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Heat up the meat balls in the oven first, then add to pasta and cheese and put it back in for 5 minutes.

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@Smashley Too late. Was only 5 little ones will pick out now.

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How was it ? ?

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I burnt my thumb and index and middle finger. Took pot out of oven and forgot to use a mitt after I took it in out. Took out of the meat balls. Waiting for the cheese to melt. Checking my meal now. Will update soon. Letting It cool for 5 minutes or so. Will eat out of the pot.

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Update was delicious and perfect. Ate the whole pot full. Thanks @all. You all helped me save $30 multiple times over, and I have enough raw stuff to make many more meals.

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