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If the federal mask mandates on public transport are not reinstated, will that change your plans at all?

Asked by canidmajor (19103points) 1 month ago
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Now that that Florida federal judge has lifted the mask mandates on public transport, my plans will be changing. I will be temporarily postponing going into NYC, as I usually take the train.
I think planes are probably safe, airports not so much. Buses, who knows?
Are you changing plans at all?

I am highly compromised already, and would have to postpone some necessary medical if I were infected.

General Q, please don’t just rant about how stupid you think masks are, or how dumb you think the Covid concerns are.

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Nope. I will still wear one.

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I feel sincerely sad for my friends who are compromised. This situation is dreadful.

I will still wear a mask at the airport and on planes and in busses. My office still requires them when you are not seated at your desk. I wear them occasionally when shopping.

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I am flying home tomorrow, with a connection in Denver. I will wear a wask on the plane, have not yet decided about in the terminals.

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I’m flying on Sunday with a friend. She will probably not mask; I will. I’m not happy about this but I’m a little less concerned since having my second booster. It will probably cause me to postpone any train trips I might have planned in the next few months and I’m not going away again by plane until late August..

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I live in “car land,” so it doesn’t affect my day-to-day transportation decisions. If my job depended on it, I would just keep masking and take the train/bus.

But the lack of a mask mandate (along with the lack of people complying with it) has already affected my long-distance travel plans. I Just took a 1200 mile round trip car trip, rather than taking Amtrak/Greyhound as I would have preferred. I guess I’d rather burn the planet with my emissions than risk getting/spreading COVID. ¯\(ツ)

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No, won’t change a thing. By the way, the word is that the judge was a Trump appointee with a LOW rating from the ABA. So who knows whether this will stand…

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No I don’t wear one unless they ask me to. I don’t worry much.

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Not one bit.

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Nope, still gonna wear a mask in the airport and on the plane.

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Particularly since airplanes are the front lines for international cross-infection of anything, I’ll prefer other forms of travel, and travel less, for a while.

Local Covid levels are low enough at the moment (they’re very low where I am) that I’ve felt ok going to stores, restaurants, going on road trips, chatting with people without masks, etc.

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Crazy, but my county is the only county in my state in the red for Covid. That means we had a huge jump in cases. I’ll continue to wear my mask at work and to the store. I don’t use planes, trains or buses so I’m okay on that issue.

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Won’t change my plans at all!!! I seldom IF ever have to use public transportation. IF I do need to, I can still wear my mask. Just because it isn’t mandatory, I do believe that I still have the option to put it on. And before anyone jumps me for being fearful, I would have done the same thing BEFORE the pandemic. I’ve ALWAYS been cautious, so NOTHING has changed!!!

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This just crossed my sightline a few minutes ago, I find it encouraging.

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If a judge ruled that you no longer have to use the safety on your gun, I’d still be using mine (if I owned a gun), and I’d lose respect for others who walked around with the safety off despite it being legal for them to do so. Safeties on firearms don’t prevent all firearm accidents, but they help and are only a minor inconvenience.

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@canidmajor Thanks for the link…It seems like common sense to me!!! I’ve NEVER understood why it is always the super intelligent people who can’t figure it out!!!

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@gorillapaws The question deals with how safe you feel when others are not wearing masks, not whether or not you will continue to do so. I feel that a good mask will provide a level of protection, I feel that I would be much safer on an enclosed train, where distancing is impossible and ventilation is sketchy, if others wore masks.
This is not about keeping the safety on, on your weapon.

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@canidmajor The metaphor does speak to your question. I would be uncomfortable in a room full of strangers wearing loaded guns and the safeties off. Likewise I would be uncomfortable in an enclosed space with dozens of unmasked strangers during a global pandemic with a highly transmissible virus floating around. Of course I’ll wear an N95, but this thing can easily enter through the eyes via droplets. With all of those uncovered mouths and noses and the impossibility of maintaining distance from others, I would expect another surge in cases with the new policies.

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I will add a relevant aside. I have a large number of friends who are flight attendants. Every single one of them is glad the mask mandate has been lifted and all for the same reason. Now they don’t have to enforce it. They all had very unpleasant experiences relating to telling passengers to put on masks.

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It doesn’t for now. It may if I hear about another “surge”. But the next time I get on a plane I will likely not be wearing a mask.

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I’m flying on Tuesday. I will wear a mask.

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Of course not. People are free to wear a mask if they want to, as it should be.

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