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A question about a particular drama movie ending?

Asked by raiden88 (68points) April 20th, 2022
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Back in ‘99, I saw an ending to a drama movie possibly one of these Lifetime movies. I’ll describe it in detail. It takes place at a house during the night. A cop in a car gets strangled into unconsciousness by this other younger guy who was apparently a serial killer or a stalker. In that house, there was a woman wearing white pajamas.
The guy breaks in as she screams for help and then tells her that no one is coming to help her. He bounds her with rope and throws her in a swimming pool at the house to drown. The cop comes to, starts fighting the guy, but loses his weapon and the guy gets the upper hand. The woman unties herself and picks up the gun that fell in the pool, and shoots the guy dead to save the cop and herself, and then they both embrace in the pool. I can’t remember the name of that movie with the aforementioned ending. I’ve been trying to find it. If you can give me some movie names that were obviously in the 80s and 90s, and other possibilities, I’d greatly appreciate that. Thanks

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Do you rmember who the actors were?

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No, I don’t. I wasn’t paying attenton to the actors at that time. Just the characters.

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It actually sounds a lot like a movie I saw last year, called Hostage House.

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