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Can you recommend a container or pitcher? see details...

Asked by boxing (1051points) September 17th, 2008
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Need plastic pitcher, of any shape, or any easy-to-grip plastic container, from 2-qt to 1-gal, that can take heat (say soup or tea right out of cookware), dishwasher safe, microwave safe and freezer safe. Must have reasonably air-tight lid. Not those more sophisticated ones used in traveling though. Right now the only one I found is the Snapware 2-qt pitcher. I figure there must be more choices.

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I would steer clear of any plastic if you are going to heat it.(Google bisphenol A aka BPA.)

Best to use tempered glass. The shape of most pitchers would make them cumbersome for Microwaves, however.

Check out Williams Sonoma.
This is MW-safe, but made of of something called polycarbonate.

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BPA is actually mainly related to polycarbonate.

This will not be heated, but used to store. Say hot soymilk from the soymilk maker.

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you still don’t want to store anything hot in plastic. I would try the pyrex tupperware…

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Unless something has significantly changed, Pyrex is glass and Tupperware is Plastic. Two different brand names and companies.

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@seesul—you know what i mean. glass storage containers, commonly known by the brand name: tupperware

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Tupperware manufactures only plastic. Currently the only glass they sell are off-site manufactured tempered lids for a set of regular pots and pans. Pyrex is glass, however, manufactured by Corning Glass Works.

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