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What is the riot that happened in January 6th 2021in the capital of the United States called?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23496points) April 23rd, 2022
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Is it a riot, an insurrection, or something else? Like an uprising or another term?

What was it classified as? Who make the decision?

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It was a pathetic insurrection.

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trump’s failed coup

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@Tropical_Willie Is there any possibility for the roiters to win? Could they have a successful coup? Or was it not planned out? I guess that they could have encouraged more and more riots country wide and started a second civil war?

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It was an insurrection.
It failed, of course. Had it succeeded it would be called a coup or revolution.

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If you lose an election, you accept defeat, that’s democracy. You don’t “fight like hell” as someone put it to change the results. That would be attempting a coup, however farcical and shambolic the attempt was

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An unfortunate farce.
A ‘Presidential’ fart.
A cuckoo coup.

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Another question is what happened to that pelt wearing shaman? Did he get a fine or prison sentence? The site that I looked at has the info behind a paywall.

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Many of them are either in or are on their way to prison. It was an insurrection.
They damaged government property, carried weapons, threatened the life of congressmen, senators, staff, including the Vice President “Hang Mike Pence!”
Like true “sheeple,” they were whipped into a frenzy by their leaders who will eventually pay for their crimes.

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Most got probation, more serious charges are pending for violent acts.

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It’s called the Trump Peaceful Protest, or TPP


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@RedDeerGuy1 The Shaman received 41 months in jail according to CNN They don’t have a paywall as far as I know. IF they did, I wouldn’t EVER use them as a source!!!

To answer your original question, it depends on whose eyes you’re looking through when you name it. The right calls it a peaceful protest. The Left called it a failed coup, the January 6 Committee calls it an insurrection. It appears that we will have to WAIT until the 2024 election to see who wins & gets to rewrite history!!!

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A farce.

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It is going to live on in history and will be buried and forgotten at some point as humans tend to do.
La Trump aux Folles.

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It is called an Insurrection.

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