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Can you fall for someone without seeing them?

Asked by Samantha4One (1308points) April 24th, 2022
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So yesterday I watched a movie and it was weird how the couple fell for each by exchanging letters only(hand written). They lived in different cities. It was a slow romance.

What happened was the postal service made a mistake and sends the letter to the wrong address. And since then on these two people started exchanging letters even though both were strangers to each other. Soon casual letters turned romantic.

I just want to know if this is possible in real life. Can you actually fall for someone without seeing them in person?


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You can, yes, but most likely you are falling for an idea that you’ve formed in your mind. The reality may not measure up.

And if you’re big on denial and very attached to the person you’ve imagined, it can take a while for you to realize the extent of the disconnect. At that point the truth can be very painful.

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Pheromones used to be a good match maker. The overuse of perfumes has strangled that.

I believe love can happen sight unseen. In fact, when pheromones we’re effective, love was blind. We should have never replaced scent, and communication in search of love.

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Absolutely. There are many a romance and love that started over the centuries like this. I think it is even more evident today with internet fueled connections.
There are many a relationship today that start and move through months and years without seeing the person.
The mind is a powerful thing.

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Thanks a lot for the answers..

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Speaking from experience, yes.
You could fall for who they are. That is the problem with most relationships, people fall for the looks not the personality.

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