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What organizations are you going to volunteer your time and treasure at in the upcoming fight for civil liberties?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (36764points) May 5th, 2022
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The initial shock that Roe will be overturned has passed. Now I want to volunteer at an organization that is fighting. I will renew my contributions to the ACLU, and I’m going to call Planned Parenthood to find out if I can volunteer locally. If all else fails, I will make a contribution.

For me, I will volunteer with a gay group like Human Rights Campaign or GLAAD. The people targeting Roe will target me next. The right to privacy directly affects me. The laws that outlawed gay sex were overturned using the same precedents as Roe vs. Wade. My whole life will become illegal. This is not a game for me.

I for one am not going quietly.

What are you planning to do? How are you planning to fight back?

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The ACLU gets a lot of my money, and I am researching groups that will help provide safe places.

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^^ Ditto. And will up a donation to Planned Parenthood and participate in social justice actions with my spiritual community.

@canidmajor Please share what organizations you find that are directly helping women gain access.

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I’m itching to march. I signed up to volunteer at PP today. Don’t know what I can do, but I want to use my body.

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I am working as an election inspector. It is exhausting but well worth the effort.

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@janbb I will when I find stuff out!

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I’m not too concerned that gay rights will be rolled back in any state I’d be likely to live in (though California did once vote against same-sex marriage), but this does lead me to think this conservative court could start a trend of rolling back federal protections for various rights, especially same-sex marriage. If the right sees the opportunity to undo a culture war loss, they will seize it (and they have lost most of these battles, with the exception of guns and now abortion). I don’t know what to do about it. In all honesty, my response would likely be to move to Europe, but that’s my own personal self-serving “solution”. I will certainly fight for gay rights in any way I can as long as I live in this country. I’m not unaware that our victories were tenuous.

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I found out there’s a march through Waikiki a week from Saturday! I’m so excited! Usually the marches are downtown. I’m thrilled we will disrupt Waikiki!

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