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How do I not disturb neighbors in apartment living?

Asked by anniereborn (15458points) May 6th, 2022
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I’m a singer, more of like a belter. If I can’t sing, my soul dies. Also I’m a crier, a loud crier. Sometimes like Sally Fields in Steel Magnolias. But I don’t want to disturb my neighbors. I wouldn’t do it late night or early morning. That’s obvious. But still, I know others must have this worry. What advice can you give me?

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That is so tough if not impossible. It is good that you are aware and want to do all you can.
A few thoughts as a musician who has done what I can even in my own house.
1) Starting soundproofing is to locate your weak spots, whether that’s your walls, doors, or windows.
2) Using heavy books on multiple bookshelves is a fairly effective way to create a sound barrier
3) Plush carpet, rugs, and sound dampening pads can help absorb sound, along with wall hangings, upholstered furniture, and even plants.
4) You can create a soundproof room by installing wall panels or installing soundproof curtains.
5) While not technically soundproofing, white noise is broad-band noise signals played as a constant.
6) If you are able to, replace your hollow door with a solid, heavy-set door. If that’s not affordable or allowed your best bet is to purchase an acoustic door seal kit and attach it to your current door.
7) Soundproofing window inserts provide window insulation that both reduces and absorbs sound. Installing window inserts is an easy and effective way of soundproofing and won’t cause any damage. I used a product called Indow Aucoustics Inserts.

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I did this in my home area that I rent out to Boston Symphony Orchestra musicians for 2 months of the summer. While listening to Violinists and French Horn artists practice all summer is wonderful, it can at times intrude on my own need for quiet.

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Is it possible for you to go to a park or outside somewhere and sing?

I remember when I moved into my first apartment. I started vacuuming around 11 in the morning and my next door neighbor angrily came knocking. She said “you can’t vacuum now, I work all night and i need to sleep.” I was really taken aback, because I didn’t think vacuuming at 11 in the morning was unreasonable and I felt like if she works all night, she has to deal with somewhat of the inconveniences that come with that. I called someone at the County where I worked, to ask about what was reasonable and what my rights are. I think legally it’s vague. He said something about people having the right to live reasonably, or something that was really not an answer. I think after that, I just tried not to vacuum until later on in the afternoon. Long story short, the building ended up burning in a fire and so I was only there about a year and a half, and then had to relocate.

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Once you get the lay of the land, I would try to meet your next door neighbors and tell them you are a singer. Ask if there is a time of day when they are out that would be best for you to practice or if there are times such as late at night when noise will disturb. My neighbor has loud pool parties at times but has invited me to let him know when they go on too long. (Of course, he doesn’t hear my texts but that is another story.)

As for weeping, I would try to find an interior room like the bathroom where you can shut yourself in to cry.

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If you get to know your neighbors on either side of you, you can find out when they are usually out during the day and adjust your schedule to when you can feel free to be a little noisy.

Crying is more difficult, since it usually comes in unexpected waves, but crying also is usually not very long.

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I don’t sing! You don’t want me to sing!

It’s been many years since I’ve cried, but I always pushed my face in a pillow to wail.

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There are many reasons someone should not live in an apartment that is physically a frame building. You are one of them. Most apartment building where I live are built of concrete and steel and noise isn’t an issue. I don’t know where you live but your description of yourself shows much awareness of yourself. Maybe you could find a more private/spacious place. Or, you could line a closet with noise board and call it your singing room…..

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Join others who have the same interests andperhaps they would have a better place to sing
as a group?
Cying, what is making you cry..that is a problem that could be discussed with a Professional counsellor to assist you in finding your happy place.

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Live in a detatched house.

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A very kind thank you to some of you for your thoughtful suggestions.
.Do you really think I’d live in an apartment complex if I had another choice? And why would I even ask this question then?
Inspired_2write Did I ask for any advice about my mental health? No, I did not.

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When you come in, take your shoes off.
Don’t turn the radio or TV up too loud.
Don’t slam doors.
Sing in your car.

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I had a cheap, but very cuddly bear. His main job was to muffle my crying.

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Didnt mean to upset you , but the fact taht you mentioned it made one wonder and if anyone encourage any helfull advice. Appologies.

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The OP is still in mourning.

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@Inspired_2write @JLeslie Your feedback has nothing to do with the OP’s question. Lets not read into things in some all knowing way. Let’s just be helpful to the OP question.

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@Forever_Free I believe JLeslie was just defending me against any negativity. What she says is true. It’s not speculation. The reason I need to know about sound proofing is half for my singing and half for my crying spells. The crying spells due to still mourning the death of my husband Darth_Algar.

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Everyone mourns in their own ways. There is no reason to be critical or apologetic.
Crying is a cleansing of the inner person. It helps to clear unpleasant gunk, like sadness, anger, vulnerability, and the like.

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—@anniereborn I too was trying to keep it from spinning beyond the OP topic. Apologies as I did not know this inside information.
My condolences on your loss.—

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