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Can seasonal affective disorder S.A.D. be treated with television light?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (20368points) 2 weeks ago
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As opposed to a light from a lamp?

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NO…they do make a special light that puts out a special color spectrum more in line with real sunlight. Did a quick search & this is what I found. For me it showed with a price of $25.99 with a $10 off coupon. Don’t have a clue what it will cost to get in Canada!!!

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NO They sell special lights to be used 20 to 30 minutes a day.

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Television light would increase the problem.
Use natural light, or a sun lamp.

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Great question!
No. The physics won’t allow it.
You need a brightness of 10000 to 15,000 Lux. Sunlight is 32,000 Lux.
The very best, state of the art TV (1 sq mater) today is lucky if it puts out 1,000 to 1,500 Lux measured 1 meter from the screen.
So, even if they got the right color balance, AND were somehow able to focus it, you would only be at about 1/10th of the necessary brightness.

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You also need full spectrum light

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How would a television serve as effective therapy?

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@HP I would like a cart blanche permission to do whatever I want. Like to watch tv, sleep in, and eat whatever I want? My question was tongue in cheek.

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You certainly have my permission as well as my encouragement.

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Why are you looking to others for ‘permission’? As I’ve heard, “Use yer brain, man!”

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@smudges Sorry just teasing. In the 13 years that I was on Fluther I was used to being attacked for not following advice. I’m well trained, and housebroken too. Of course I will do whatever I want, regardless of advice. My answer was tongue in cheek.

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You may get some weird answers to that type of question since we don’t always know when you’re joking. Like when I said that the diapers they wear in outer space were universal. Get it? ‘Universal’? People often don’t get my humor. >8^)

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@RedDeerGuy1 You have MY permission to put a tray full of food on your nightstand, turn on your TV, curl up in your bed & have the ultimate binge watching for as long as that tray of food lasts!!! As a matter of fact, when the tray is empty, I think you should refill the tray & repeat the process!!!

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Being the engineer, I couldn’t help thinking about this. I know the TV is not designed to run full time at that power level – call it 10 times normal. There would be too much heat and the power supplies and LEDs could not take it. So, I started thinking about how it could be achieved with a some modification.
Imagine we have some (~100) high powered LEDs with the desired spectrum located around the edge that draw 2 to 10 watts each. If they were turned on continuously, the power supply would burn up. But imagine we pulse width modulate them at say 5% to 10% at 60 Hz. Rather than taking 20 minutes for a treatment, you’d get the same dose if you sat there for 2 hours – while binge watching “Breaking Bad” or “Cocomelon.”
The bright border might become annoying – even more annoying than Cocomelon. That would encourage people to turn off the TV and go outside.

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@LuckyGuy I get the feeling that he does NOT want to cut off the TV, but rather watch it 48 hours a day!!! LoL

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Arrgh! I just can’t stop. I figured out how to make it work!
Have a pair of synchronized welding goggles that darken when the SAD light turns on. The TV has a typical refresh rate of 60 Hz or a period of 16.7 ms. These goggles darken in 1 ms.
When the treatment light is on, 4–6 ms, the goggles turn dark. The TV image will not be seen during the brief dark condition, but most people will not notice. Their TV would be effectively flashing at 30 Hz instead of 60 Hz while the treatment is underway. Not a big change.

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