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Which candidate for the Oregon governer should I vote for if I'm pro masks and covid restrictions?

Asked by Cindy1302 (499points) 2 weeks ago
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The Democrat.

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Regettably, .there is only one party left for any semblance of sensible measues or rational thought. That party is by no means either suitably motivated nor up to the task. It is disappointingly off track in fulfillment of its former role. It sadly remains the single sane choice.

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Nick Kristof if he’s the Democratic candidate. Or whomever else it is that is a Democrat.

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You should really try to make up your own mind – But you’ve already shown in a related question that you think you registered with the wrong party on closed-primary ballot.

Make sure that your vote will count before you send in your ballot.

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This is your responsibility to research and become informed to make a choice that fits your conscious. Research from good sources.

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Which one do you want to serve?

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