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If Jesus ran for President, do you think he’d get past the primary election?

Asked by rockfan (13447points) 2 weeks ago
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Considering he’d be pro-immigrant, pro-free healthcare, anti-capitalist and anti-war, I don’t think he’d get very far.

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Nope he wouldn’t pledge alliance to TRUMP !

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He would be decried and ridiculed for his nearly rabid socialist pronouncements. A man who declared outright that the rich would never see heaven, loudly proclaimed rejection of all things worldly and bore a particular contempt for the work ethic, a man who lived what he preached—he never had a job. He would suffer the same treatment he received last time.

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Is he running as a Democrat or a Republican? Is he talking about God a lot?

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@HP I heard he was a carpenter.

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Yes we all heard it, but the “miracle” is that for all we’ve heard, there isn’t a word about his working that trade or so much as touching a tool. And when it came to work, his answer… “observe the lillies of the field. They toil not neither do they spin.” But God looks out for them. That’s one of his parables that gets little traction in our real world. Try telling the unemployment office that Jesus told you not to bother with a job.

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Jesus wouldn’t run for president.

But he’d be a sure thing as a write-in.

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The last time Jesus was here he was very tight lipped. He seemed confused and unsure. Hard to tell what his intentions were until after he was killed. Such a wishy washy candidate would not get far unless He did a lot of miracles in front of the cameras.

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He would have to get off the cross first, that the conservatives nailed him to again.

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He got nailed when he tried to start his own political movement.

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He’s not eligible, He was not born in the United States.

Also, I don’t think fictional characters can run either.

There are plenty of people who claim to be him who would do well in the general election though.

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No. Too much religion!

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No chance. He’d have no support from the radical left or right. The economy would fall into a shambles.
There would be an intense investigation into his background. Where was he during his teens and 20s? Did he like beer? Did he put mustard on his hot dog or ketchup? Is he pro-prostitution for defending them and allowing them into the kingdom? What about murderers? Child molesters?
Will he support and defend the Constitution or will he be like a Hebrew National Hot Dog and “Answer to a higher authority”. Fox spews and the ACLU would have a field day.

That said… If he pulled off some really fancy miracles like finding homes for the homeless, reducing atmospheric CO2 to pre-1970 values, bringing water to the desert, or initiating world peace he’d have a small shot at – if he posted the proof on all the social networks.

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He would be assassinated just like any other good person going after rich people’s money.

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He wouldn’t need to run as a politician. As a religious leader, he could create quite the cult though. But the moment he does some actual miracles they will try to defame him as a con man or the devil disguised and a religious nut will take him out. Some will want to take him out thinking they can start the Apocalypse.

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He would be handicapped by not being a billionaire or having close connections to the business world so he wouldn’t stand a chance.

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He could easily create a multi billion empire in the wine industry.

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^ And solve the world’s energy crisis.
Exxon would have him killed.

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Nah…he went for a higher position. I don’t think he’d run. But he had an interesting way of putting things so people would listen to him. But I honestly believe the corrupt political parties would crucify him. History repeats itself.

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Jesus might be anti-abortion. So evangelicals might very well support him. He would run as an Independent I’m sure.

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