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What should I do about this guy who keeps his dog in his car?

Asked by Cindy1302 (806points) May 9th, 2022
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I work for a commercial cleaning company. There is a construction company in town and they have an office building where the managers work. About a week ago, it was 60 degrees outside and I saw a dog in a truck. I wasnt sure who the owner was but my shift was about an 2 and a half hours and I think the dog was in the truck the entire time. At one point I couldn’t see it but I think it was laying down. It wasn’t panting or anything so I didn’t do anything. A couple days after that I was working at the same place. It was raining and I didn’t see the dog in the car but I know for sure who the owner is now. Hes the project manager who works inside. I was gonna wait to see if he did something like that when its hot out and confront him. The only thing in worried about is how awkward it would be afterwards. I empty his trash everytime im there and have to interact with him. It would be even more awkward if I have to call the cops. What if he complains to the company I work for and gets me fired? What do I do?

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I would call animal control. Cars can get hot, an are fatal for pets and young children.

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Casually mention he has a cute dog and just ask why he doesn’t bring it in. If the dog isn’t in distress there’s no crime.

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He could be leaving the dog in the car only because it’s not hot out yet.
But I do think I’d mention it to him, casually.
If he does leave the dog in the car when it’s hot, call the police.

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If you’re concerned, you can call the Humane Society. They have a process for dealing with these kinds of situations.

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Call 911; in my state the police can enter the car to remove the animal. They use a baton or door ram to enter, by breaking a side window.

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If it were me, I would not do anything until the hot weather comes and then see if he is still leaving the dog in the car.

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Unless the dog was truly in danger because it stated to get hot outside, I wouldn’t do anything.
Obviously, I’m guessing but here are some potential explanations:
– He cannot leave the dog home alone all day for some reason. damage, barking,
– He lives too far a away to go home and feed the dog during the day.
– He and the dog enjoy visiting each other a few times per day.
– The dog loves riding in the truck.
– His truck is much larger than a dog cage.

Since you already know who he is I would not call 911, or animal control or anyone else. I’d talk with him.

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If you feel comfortable, ask the owner. You have no idea what the owner is going through and he may have to take him with him. If it is not hot, then it is fine. Do you know if the dog is checked on periodically? Try to let it go if it is not hot out.

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Simple call the police anonymously and at the same time phone the local animal welfare centre or the ASPCA.

You don’t need to supply your name and especially the ASPCA or shelter will be glad that you called them.

If the car is so hot inside, especially if there is no open windows to let in fresh air the dog could very easily die.

If this person is prepared to allow his pet to be locked in a car and possibly die from Hyperthermia, this is the opposite of Hypothermia he should prosecuted to the greatest extent of the which could involve a hefty fine, prison or both.

If I had my way I would lock him in the car in the heat and see how he likes it.

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@Poseidon and others. Did you read the whole OP? It was not hot, the dog was not panting but lying quietly. You want to break the windows and call the police?

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I don’t agree with breaking windows and calling police.

If it’s very hot, then I’d first have a discussion with the owner, since you know him.

Since it’s been in the 60’s according to your post, I don’t think anything dramatic or urgent is necessary.

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Is the car a Tesla? They have a feature for allowing a pet to stay in the car and keep climate control on.

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