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Which of these two foods has no cabbage?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (20368points) 1 week ago
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Egg rolls, and spring rolls?

I can’t eat cabbage.

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Egg Rolls definitely have shredded cabbage in them!!!

I assumed that the answer was Spring Rolls. However, in looking at the recipe for Spring Rolls on the same website, one recipe had NO cabbage where the other had cabbage listed as an ingredient!!! So, BEFORE ordering Spring Rolls, ask them IF their Spring Rolls contain cabbage. You may well find a restaurant that has NO cabbage in their Spring Rolls where the next restaurant might well add shredded cabbage to theirs. So, ASK FIRST!!!

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Check out a recipe site or ask the waiter/ess

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I don’t think either of them have cabbage if they’re using a traditional recipe.

Are you thinking of lumpia?

EDIT: Actually Chinese egg rolls have cabbage. Vietnamese egg rolls do not.

Non-fried spring rolls (with rice paper) use lettuce. Though “spring rolls” can sometimes be used interchangeably for fried “egg rolls”.

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Fried egg rolls usually have cabbage. This is a recipe for egg rolls:

Fresh spring rolls usually don’t have cabbage, but they might.
This is a typical recipe for fresh spring rolls:

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Allrecipies Fresh Spring Rolls
Allrecipies Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls
Neither is fried…both look delicious!!!
Can you not eat cabbage or do you just not like cabbage???

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Typically they both have cabbage to bring a subtle crunch factor. I am unsure if you are allergic to cruciferous veggies or if it is a taste thing for you.
f it is a restaurant, then ask. If you make them, substitute with bean sprouts and carrots for the crunch that the cabbage brings.

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Chinese cabbage is a thing. Napa cabbage.

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Before going bankrupt, Passerell Farms in Holley NY was the largest provider of cabbage to egg roll manufacturers east of the Mississippi. The egg rolls were made in New Jersey and shipped all over the country.
It was a massive operation but, unfortunately, not very profitable. He sold his cabbage by the tractor trailer load at only 7 cents per pound – delivered!

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