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Which fiction books have a plot similar to the NBC TV series "The Event"?

Asked by luigirovatti (2581points) 1 week ago
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Specifically, in which there is a government conspiracy to hide (even from the president) the existence, and prisoners, of an alien species which intends to bring out an ascension into higher plane of existence for the aliens, but which humanity would not survive. Standalones are welcome, but the more books that talk about this, the better.

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The Ori in Stargate SG1 feed off of the life force of their human followers, promising them ascenscion, but never fulfilling that promise, because that would mean sharing the power they stole.

In Dr. Who, there is a secret alien race, the Adipose, that sells diet pills to humans that actually work.
Unbeknownst to the humans, the pills actually turn their body fat into alien babies, and it is implied that the humans would not survive the birthing of the aliens.

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