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Is it ok to have alcoholic drinks the day after getting your second booster shot?

Asked by mazingerz88 (27052points) 1 week ago
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If the day after you got your first booster shot, you felt fatigued and had pain on your arm’s injection site, did you go through the same things the day after your second booster shot?

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Your details are not the same as your OP. But to answer the details, I didn’t have side effects after the second booster except for some soreness right at the injection site.

To respond to the main Q, I’ve never read a proscription against drinking after the injection.

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How many did you plan on having?

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@janbb is correct when she points out your details are completely different from your title question.

I got Pfizer for my first 3 shots and only had soreness in my arm. I got Moderna for my second booster and had fatigue, fever, and aches and pains for 36 hours.

I, too, have heard nothing said about drinking alcohol after a shot.

Does that answer the question? Do you have another question?

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I had a martini the next day. Still here five weeks later.

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I had NO problem with the first 2 boosters; however, the third left the injection site quite miserable for about 2 days…then all was well!!!

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I’m not a qualified doctor, or nurse.

But as a bartender I recommend that you abstain from alcohol immediately after your shot, until you can judge your reaction. Most people who do report side effects from the vaccine seem to compare it to cold or flu-like symptoms. Bar drinks will generally leave you feeling worse in that case, because the alcohol decreases your energy and leads to dehydration.

So stay home. It’s no fun serving the walking dead.

But after 48 hours if you feel okay come on down. Order our best and tip generously – it’s good for you.

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^^I can’t cancel the dinner and heavy drinks. I think I’ll cancel the booster shot and move it next week.

Thanks jellies! Much obliged.

@kritiper No one’s driving to and from the bar. Uber rides.

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There is no reason for you not to have a few drinks the day after but make sure it is moderation.

I had a couple of beers on the same day as I had my booster and was never told I should not have an alcoholic drink on the same day I had my jab.

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