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Are people who don't wear masks bad?

Asked by Cindy1302 (499points) 1 week ago
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We all know there is a pandemic going on. We are past the “well, some people are just ignorant” phase.

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Bad is the wrong question. The answer is no. Are they foolish, is closer to what matters. And better yet, and what matters most TO ME is are they dangerous?

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Are they a danger to themselves and others yes and maybe DUMB !

Not bad.

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I don’t think it’s black and white. There are good people who are cynical of masks, and there are bad people who love masks.

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I would say they are misguided.

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If they are specifically asked to wear a mask and they won’t, then yeah, I’ll go with bad, or at minimum inconsiderate.

When it’s optional, it just friends on the situation. I was just in a room with a lot of people and after sitting for 30 minutes near a woman she popped a lifesaver. Then I noticed she had ice water with a ton of ice. I asked her if her throat was bothering her and she said…wait for it….”yes.” WTF?! A mask wouldn’t be enough for me, I’m angry she was even in the room! She’s retired and we were just attending a presentation in a discussion group. Stay the hell home!

I’ll let you know if I’m sick in three days.

I had a mask on almost the entire time, but when I first walked in I said hello to her and exchanged a few sentences maskless.

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No. Careless, yes.

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I think it depends on why they don’t wear masks and where they don’t wear masks. Let’s say they are usually in the public and haven’t been vaccinated and believe the whole thing is a hoax and they visit people they know that Covid would kill or at least compromise their delicate health. They visit these people and lied about their possible exposure and whether they have taken the vaccine and led these people to believe they are safe.
They refuse to wear a mask around them claiming they have nothing to fear. Well, then they are evil. This goes beyond indifference or just being naive.

If parents made their child go on some fasting routine that ends up killing or hospitalizing the kid, people would call them a monster. Even if the parents didn’t mean the child actual harm. They would be seen as bad parents and bad human beings.

Whether a person believes or doesn’t believe in Covids ability to harm someone isn’t up to them to decide for others. Covid has killed and hurt many people.

My S-I-L had a friend who he knew since he was a kid. He didn’t believe in Covid. He and his mother both caught it and died. First she went and then him. Oh, and I believe he caught it first and passed it on to his sickly mom. So he had the privilege of knowing he killed her then killed himself.

If you love and really care about the people around you then at the very least you should wear a mask and keep a safe distance from them if that is what they want.

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Only those who don’t care if they spread the virus. To family, friends and strangers out in public.

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Even I’m tried of wearing it. I have been getting allergies all over the face due to the fabric in the mask no matter which type I use. Before this I wore mask like everyday at work and still got covid 3 times even after being vaccinated. And my ears hurts like hell.

I do wear it now, but I’m getting careless as days pass by. Things will get back to normal (before covid) sooner or later anyway.

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^^If you are wearing a fabric mask it might be your laundry detergent. There are masks that don’t go around your ears.

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My mom misunderstood the lifting of the mask mandate. Thought Covid was over. She went grocery shopping last week and got Covid. Now she’s in the hospital. Yay. I suppose it could have been worse. No one told her she had to get a booster. I convinced her to get one several months ago. Covid messaging has been poorly communicated to the general public.

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@RocketGuy I’m sorry and hope she recovers.

I agree messaging is quite disconnected right now which is odd considering the rise in cases, warm weather, etc…

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I don’t think that those who will not wear a mask during the Covid pandemic are actually bad and neither do I believe those who refuse the vaccinations are bad.

I do think they are very silly and they and they listen to those who are trying to cast alarm and despondency about the dangers of having the vaccine or even worse they believe those who try to convince everyone that Covid does not existence.

They either refuse of simply don’t realise that by having the vaccine and wearing masks not only help protect them but protect others as well including their lived ones.

It is true that there are sometimes serious side effects to having the vaccine but when we consider the 100s of millions who have had the the vaccine without any serious side effects the extreme few who do have serious problems are very negligible.

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@Sam4One, things will never get back to the way they were before covid. That relatively carefree pre-pandemic “normal” isn’t coming back. We’re in a temporary lull right now, but don’t throw your masks away.

I do wish they’d come up with something more comfortable and breathable, though, with less wear and tear on the ears.

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@Jeruba Do you have a lanyard so you can wear your mask around your neck like a necklace? It makes it easier to take the mask off when you feel safe to, or are allowed to, and then put it on again. When I didn’t use the lanyards I kept my mask on constantly. Now, I take it off when I step outside if I’m going store to store or when I’m in my car, etc.

About going back to normal, I think a lot of people are back to pre-covid normal. I won’t be for a long time, but I was more cautious than normal even before covid. Or, not neurotic about getting sick than most people.

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@Jeruba, I humbly disagree. It may take years but things will definitely get back to normal. And people will simply forget about this virus lurking around.

Also I’m not throwing the masks away, it’s just that longer use of them gives me breathing difficulty. And this is probably the main reason why I’m being carefree. I’ve tried plenty of masks already.

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It may take years. It’s going to take many more than you probably believe, because waltzing along with the pandemic we discuss is the twin pandemic of stupidity running rampant in so substantial a percentage of the world population. Your grandchildren are probably due to repeated vaccinations against mutant variants of this thing. I got my 4th shot yesterday.

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The questions about whether someone is good or bad depends on what you consider bad.

Do you put more weight on intent or impact?

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