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Native American Bank?

Asked by capet (764points) 1 week ago
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I’m looking for a relatively democratic bank/credit union that has a good track record for positive social impact. From that perspective, what do y’all think about Native American Bank?

Now that first sentence contained about 5 words that are super-subjective, so please apply whatever values you want in answering my question.

(My search continues, including talking to actual human neighbors <gasp>.)

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I looked at the about section of their website. They state their goal of serving under-served communities of Native Americans, a very worthy effort. It’s only my opinion, but this seems to be a good bank.

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If you are in southern NC Lumbee Guaranty Bank .

First Native American bank.

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A bank should be convenient to you, so I am not sure what is near you, but you might consider Umpqua Bank.

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this site has a list of banks owned by Native Americans

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