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Do you rehearse conversations?

Asked by SergeantQueen (12685points) May 21st, 2022
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Every conversation I expect to have is planned out down to when I need to laugh/what my body language should be or what my tone of voice should be.

I rehearse every food/drink order a million times so I don’t stutter.

I hate when my plan gets fucked up. I stutter, blush, get embarrassed, I hate it.

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Yes. I also rehearse past conversations. As well of other conversations. From video games to books to stuff I hear on the news.

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A little, but not like that.

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@RedDeerGuy1 can you elaborate on the video games part?

I get so anxious when they don’t go as planned. It has caused anxiety attacks.

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@SergeantQueen Sure.
When I played Baldur’s Gate I would talk to a character and then log out then log back in and answer differently. I do this for all the possibilities. I also add my own out-of-game conversations and try to find a better answer.

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@RedDeerGuy1 I have done that before too, for other games. I like to know all the outcomes before I make an irreversible decision.

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I think about it ahead of time but I don’t obsess. If things change I just go with it.

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Rarely. I might plan what I’m going to say in some sort of minor way, but I don’t rehearse an entire conversation. I can’t control what the other person will say. Usually, I’m just thinking about an opening line, if I even bother with that, and then the conversation naturally moves forward.

If I’m going to be interviewed for a job I try to think about how I would answer various typical questions.

If I’m going to be lying, I think about a lot of the possibilities that could come up in the details of the lie. It’s exhausting, and why I hate to lie, and I rarely do it. People who lie often over-talk and answer questions not asked, because they spend so much time ruminating about the details, or because they didn’t plan ahead and stumble through trying to explain. Either way, easy to get caught. All that babble is a liars tell.

I realize the OP isn’t talking about lying, but just mentioning it as something that might be rehearsed.

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Hard conversations yes, but not every one. Most that go off script have better outcomes than I imagine though.

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Only if it’s an important or potentially stressful conversation that I know is coming. I’ll run through it in my head a few times.

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I think everyone rehearses conversations that are expected to be difficult. There’s a problem with doing this, however: the other person doesn’t have the script.

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Awww I feel for you.

I, too, rehearse conversations to an extent, even food orders, but what makes me sad for you is the extreme feelings you have when it doesn’t go quite right. I’ve changed so much since my 20’s. I was so scared of people that I wouldn’t look at them, and didn’t get my first job until I was 21, whereas my brother was working when he was 14 or 15. I didn’t learn how to drive until I was 23–24. I was just scared of so many things.

I can tell you this and maybe it’ll make you feel hope – it doesn’t last forever. As your confidence grows – and it will – you’ll handle many things better. I promise.

p.s. there are people who work with those who have stuttering problems if that’s truly an issue with you. It could be that you stutter because you’re nervous, or you’re nervous because you stutter.

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