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What other physical things can women do but men can't no matter how fit they are?

Asked by chefl (892points) May 26th, 2022
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Like here for example;
What else?

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Give birth and nurse.

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The splits… except Jean-Claude Van Damme. I could never do a cartwheel.

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And why is it that the women in the first link (arms on the floor) can do it and men just can’t?

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@RedDeerGuy1 Cartwheels also seems a female thing, is it?

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@chefl My sister could do cartwheels easy. I could only do somersaults.

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@chefl center of gravity is different

In females, agility tends to be better. Gymnastics is a good example.

Males will on average will be better at tasks involving speed and strength.

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Women float better because they have less muscle and more body fat.

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Lots of things that we know, but haven’t been reseached much till lately. Besides the obvious differences in balance, flexiblity, and anatomy others have already listed:

• We have better night vision.
• We have more physical endurance.
• We have more developed sense of taste and smell.
• We recognize a greater range of color difference.
• Our prefrontal cortex (responsible for memory) is larger than males’, and develops earlier.
• We’re generally more disease resistant, and tend to live longer.
• We’re more sensitive to touch & sexual stimulation.
• We can regularly experience multiple orgasms when reaching full climax.
[ BUT when it comes to that last point, men can learn ;P ]

The disadvantage women have when it comes to sex is that our fertility and drive tend to drop off dramatically during and and following menopause. While most men begin to experience a similar physical decline around middle age, their fertilitilty and sexual apetite can remain more intact over time.

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In gymnastics, I’d say the balance beam. ;)

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ovulate, menstruate

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Take FOREVER to bathe, get dressed and put their faces on!

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Steer off of major thoroughfares to seek accurate directions.

Stretch an orifice over the face of another human.

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What is giving birth by the way? It’s a physical something is it an activity?

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@chefl Center of gravity is higher in men. Also their hips are lower in proportion to their height.

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@chefl it is a series of activities. Which activities, depends on the choice of delivery styles. Pushing is a main activity involved, but not the only one, be certain. One activity men don’t consider unless they have held out a hand to be recipient, is women grip something during delivery with a hand and squeeze the piss out of whatever she holds. Another activity is growling blame and hissing angry words and phrases. At times, those last two can resemble scenes from The Exorcist, even from the sweetest ladies. It depends in part on the pain each birth experience may involve. Pushing is most definitely an activity, with varieties on position and surroundings. Car, floor, water, squatting on a floor, are examples of such potential varieties.
One activity which is usually optional is the activity of watching, by mirror, or camera remote.
Women who have been through some sort of training use breathing activities to facilitate birth.
Those are some of the most common activities women are most likely to experience during birth, but there are many variations of which activities are experienced during any given birth.

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@Patty_Melt, but what is the term for all physical activities men (men who haven’t undergone surgery to change gender) too can do, or at least attempt to.

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Okay, your original wording doesn’t say activity. It says physical things, which can include a pose. Then you asked later if giving birth is an activity, and that was what I answered with my second post. You can determine for yourself which activities men can do or, maybe not. Gender trade surgery cannot make a man capable of birth, so I don’t know why you brought that up. Ovaries are not provided, tubes are not provided, a uterus is not provided. If all those bits and pieces were installed, they still would not function. Girls are born with ovaries already stocked with all the eggs they will have to cover their lifetime.
Men who get surgery get a fake vagina, that’s it. Some claim to have no sensitivity during sex, some claim some sensation, but nothing worthy of being called an orgasm. Oh, and have you heard of snappers? Hand up here, yes, I can get a firm grip. No man can do that, no matter what surgery they can afford. some finger snapping and neck jerking
Gender trade alterations do nothing to supply the chemistry necessary for labor to start, or periods to occur, or pms. If a surgically supplied female appearance is provided, that person can’t claim to be experiencing pms. They are simply a born bitch.
Surgery can’t make a man into a woman. It can only remove maleness, and leave the person into a facsimile female.

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@Patty_Melt You’re right I wrote” physical things” because the video I linked doesn’t show an activity, as in sit ups etc.

I only brought up excluding surgery thing to make it less complicated (I was guessing you might have “men can get pregnant” in your post.
Re. male pregnancy:
”....The actual procedure for producing a male pregnancy would be straightforward. After in vitro fertilization of an egg, the developing embryo would be inserted through a small incision in the abdominal cavity. Luck would be required for the fertilized egg to implant in the omentum (a little bit of luck is needed even in normal pregnancies), but once it did and the placenta partly developed from the embryo, pregnancy would be under way. An endocrinologist could administer hormones to keep gestation going. Finally, the baby would be delivered via laparotomy, not unlike a Caesarean section. ....”

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I used “activity” in my post above the last, please ignore it.

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Now you are painting a picture. You didn’t want an answer to a question. You wanted to start an opening to make a stupid point.

Even if someone managed someday to do it, that would be incubation, not pregnancy, and oh hell yeah there is a difference. Besides that, it is stupid. The power elites are attempting depopulation, so adding to how many people can carry offspring is a moot point. It won’t be allowed.
Giving birth is nowhere in your scenario, so you are addressing me with something that only leads up to giving birth. You haven’t refuted anything. You have brought up a ridiculous topic for what point? So you can say that someday, someone might achieve something which does not include conception, or labor, or birth, but a petri dish, a couple of surgeries, and an egg supplied by…
wait for it…
a woman.
Pfft. You are a waste of time and knowledge.

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