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Is there a glitch in formatting, (whisper for example), and Question title intermittently?

Asked by chefl (892points) June 1st, 2022
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Half an hour or so ago I posted something in whiper, but it worked for a few seconds, and after editing it didn’t. The Question title works now but earlier it didn’t.

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I’m whispering to test the system. I’ve not whispered today so I’m not sure. Let’s see what happens!!

The preview appears to be working. So, now we go live.

OK it looks like it worked. Now I’m doing an edit…

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I’ve seen a lot of glitches over the years, but not ever in formatting.

My guess would be that in editing you lost a hyphen or introduced a space, enough to cancel the intended formatting.

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@LadyMarissa I tried to use the one for whisper many times, and it still did the one for emphasis except it didn’t emphasise. Thanks for your answer,

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Never had that problem @chefl ! !

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@chefl I think I see your problem…the emphasis is the underscore (Shift+- or _ ) The whisper begins & ends with 2 dashes (NO Shift+- or—). You were giving it the command for emphasis NOT whisper!!! You use the Shift key plus ONE dash for emphasis and you do NOT use the Shift key but hit the dash key twice — for whisper

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I’ve been having issues with formatting for years.

For some reason, I have to copy and paste the specific dashes and parenthesis in the formatting guidelines in order for it to properly work. If I type them out, they do not work.

(I’m on an iPhone.)

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Typed: strong
Copied: strong

Typed: emphasis
Copied: emphasis

Typed: —whisper—
Copied: whisper

Typed: “link”:
Copied: link

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^^ Most of the time I’m on my laptop IF that makes a difference.

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@LadyMarissa I’m trying to remeber where that post is.

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@LadyMarissa I’m guessing here but I don’t think it makes a difference.

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@raum You tryped the 2 dashes and not only did it not turn to whisper, it made it look like you typed the other thing for emphasis, and it didn’t do emphasis. That’s what happened to me.

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@LadyMarissa I was responding to ”^^ Most of the time I’m on my laptop IF that makes a difference.” above

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I only asked 2 questions today but it says I’ve already asked the maximum number.

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@chefl When I look @raum‘s post above, I see a whisper on the one that he copied, but not on the one that he typed.

Now, a couple of days back I tried to add a link & it just wouldn’t take. I finally gave up & just posted the full protocol. It was late at night & I didn’t feel like dealing with it. When I woke up the next morning, my link worked as designed so I thought nothing of it!!!

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I have the exact same issues as @raum on an iPhone. For whisper mode, two dashes side by side automatically merge into an em dash. I think that’s an iOS issue though.

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(I’m on iOS 15.4.1.)

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I’m on Windows 11 Lenovo Yoga laptop & when I type the 2 dashes—they appear on screen as one long dash. However when I whisper I still get the whisper on screen. The long dash (—) looks very similar to the underline ( _ ) except it’s a bit higher & possibly a tad longer.

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@LadyMarissa “The long dash (—) looks very similar to the underline ( _ )...” Where is the long dash on the keyboard? I mean it looks like it’s the one with the en dash and the ½. But with shift it does _ and by itself it does emphasis (not underline right)?
Let me try, underline, maybe it will work after clicking Answer. I remember it from a while ago.

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”...and by itself it does emphasis” Ignore that.

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@chefl What I called the long dash is made by typing 2 dashes.
Here I typed 2 dashes—I got a long dash. In formatting you use the 2 dashes on either end of what you want to whisper—WITHOUT a space. You simply type 2 dashes, NO space, the phrase you want to whisper, followed by 2 dashes.

Here is the entire formatting list.
Maybe that will help with some of your confusion!!!

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