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Interested in testing your knowledge/support of your candidate?

Asked by augustlan (47732points) September 17th, 2008
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My step-mother emailed me this comparison tool on ABC’s website. It was very interesting. Does it jive with your expectations?

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Did it. Obama.

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I was expecting Obama, but not 100% Obama.

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Haha. I didn’t actually know what any of their policies were about or anything, like who says what (I’m from Australia) and I was 12 out of 13 Obama…

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Obama for me, but, I knew that. But, I wasn’t 100%.

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Mine was exactly like Nimis’.

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100% Obama

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Obama by far, no surprises.

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Gotta love the two-party system.

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I only agree with Obama on the quote given by the quiz…the fighting without end one.

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McCain won by one—because I don’t like either of them. With that test, it could have gone either way (but with a narrow margin, whoever won).

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Doesn’t this test highlight the problem of soundbites? That we are choosing candidates on truncated remarks instead of the full policies behind them?

On the other hand, I matched up pretty well with whom I expected. So maybe we just need better quality soundbites. :)

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Apparently I like McCain;s economic policies? I think not. This quiz serves only to highlight the similarities in the campaigns using out of context quotations, it is not an accurate depiction of where the candidates actually stand and where my allegiance lies. But interesting, nonetheless.

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I got Obama on all of them but two.

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Rss: Yes, was thinking the same.

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Wow….the only Obama statement I agreed with was on immigration. I guess I am a McCain girl. Never a doubt.

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I ended up having 2 votes on Obama, albeit the one was a mistake on my part, but whatever (it was on global warming and my theory on that is that God is just hugging us tighter let the flames begin). Ended up a McCain supporter, which is expected because while I support his policies and dislike him, I like Obama’s ideas even less. I had assumed I’d be a McCain supporter though.

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Almost all Obama. One I knew was McCain and I knew it was wrong, but I clicked it anyway because of the two, I do like it better. And if it was true, well then, I’d be happy.

They needed to have independent analysis up there, not quotes. I was a bit disappointed in that. I really like an (out of date now) quiz that let you rank various issues in order of importance and showed you who best fit your ideals.

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I agree with rss and nimis. These were carefully chosen soundbites rather than representative policies of the candidates. They were also chosen to be misleading.

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I actually think voting should be done similarly to this, except using actual policy stances versus sound bite quotes. If people could see in black and white the positions each candidate holds without knowing which candidate is which (ie: no names, pictures, or party affiliation listed), we’d get a much more thoughtful vote than we do now. So many people (democrats and republicans alike) blindly follow their party, without even being sure of what that means for themselves or the country.

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@augustlan Good idea.

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See, but unfortunately within each quote, you could tell who said it because they articulate their words differently. If you have the creativity (or have heard both of them speak enough) to try to hear the words in your head that see on the screen, you almost always would be able to guess which candidate it was. I knew that the one on healthcare was Obama, but I didn’t like McCains stance so I voted Obama. I agree that it should have been more of a list of policies rather than actual quotes. It would have served the “experiment” better.

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