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On what device/version of browser etc, would the @ sign or the + sign, for formatting not work?

Asked by chefl (892points) June 4th, 2022
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Things works on desktop generally, I find. What device browsers would they not work on?

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If you type the @ symbol in the Mobile mode of, it won’t generate a list of those who have posted in the thread.

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A few other things not possible on mobile? I was referring the keys we use to make things happen in the box. to the keys for asterik for emphasis etc. The 2 @keys on each side or(the plus sign for underline (which won’t show on the preview

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I have to edit to add:
...I was referring the keys we use to make things happen _in the box. (I forgot about the @ you refer to to address users ).
The @ key on each side (which shows on the preview) or (the plus sign on each side of a text, for underline which won’t show on the preview), and the ones listed under the box or in the “entire list”.

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