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When you're signed in, what does it say between Users Chatting and Community Feed? See detail.

Asked by chefl (892points) June 7th, 2022
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Has it been listing you as one of the 2 people who are chatting no matter when it is? I noticed it a few days ago. It’s after you click on “Activity For You” By the way I’m not and haven’t been chatting Ijust asking and answering questions, except to just see what the chat is about, for a second or so. That’s why I asked. (Edited)

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It lists you @chefl as one of the Users Chatting. The other is someone named Onionbewts.

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. . .and below that it says

Join Chat

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Chat can become like the roach motel. People sign in and they never get out.

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At this specific moment it shows…

Join Chat

Sometimes chat is slow to release the name of the jelly who left the chat. You may have left but the system just hasn’t recognized it…yet. It will eventually catch up!!!

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You have to leave the chat to remove your name if that’s what you mean.

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But there are always more than 2 people on chat. They’re entering and leaving, mostly. I forgot I posted “what time zone is this in” (the time stamp there) a few days ago. But that’s it.

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@KNOWITALL Oh You have to leave the chat room. What does that mean exactly? I do, leave the room.

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“The Watering Hole – 2 people inside (Onionbewts, chefl)
Tidepool – Fluther Help – 1 person inside (chefl)
Sea Turtles – 1 person inside (Samantha4One)
I wasn’t in Tide Pool. What date is it referring to?”

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Just above the 2nd quotation mark should be the previous line., not that anyone would notice that.

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You won’t be out of the chat room if you don’t sign out, from what I understand about it.

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Ok, I just saw how to leave the room. It just never occured to me to sign out since I’m already signed in, why would I need to sign in to Chat. (Edited)

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