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What is the etiquette regarding jellies PMing each other?

Asked by chefl (892points) June 8th, 2022
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I’m not planning to PM anyone. I was looking in the site if there is anything about it.

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Anyone can pm anyone else and they can answer if they want to. If someone gets abusive in pms, you can report it to the mods and they will look into it.

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Some of us PM other jellies most days. Maybe to discuss finer points or ask about life. Don’t be shy here haha!

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You can pm who you want, and if someone has an issue with it, they’ll let you know.

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Be polite.
Act and talk as if you would meet face to face.
Be polite.

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No dick pics.
Or, in the case of one jelly, tentacle pics.

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@filmfann Wait, what?

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I was thinking there’s probably a place whether it is mentioned, just like the thing about Chat room and how to leave I didn’t know about. (edited)
Anyway, thanks @KNOWITALL
@rebbel that would apply to any online interaction not just about PM. (edited)

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