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Is middle Child Syndrome a real thing?

Asked by Ed123 (48points) June 13th, 2022
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Would prefer to hear from middle child siblings – do you feel left out or treated differently to other siblings..

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I am the third of four kids. I have two older sisters, and a younger brother.
My brother was my Mom’s obvious favorite. My oldest sister was my Dad’s favorite.
My brother was a handful, but my Mom was completely blind to it. He violated every rule, every law. She was star struck.

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I was the middle child but since I was the only girl it made the dynamic somewhat different. My older brother sucked all the air out of every room and my younger brother was also very smart so I did feel a bit overshadowed at times. Every family is different so I’m not sure “middle child syndrome” is terribly useful but it can be one factor in family dynamics.

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I had an older brother and younger sister, but we were all adopted (separately) so that might have made a difference. From what I’ve read and from my own perspective, it’s baloney. None of it fit me and my family.

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I say yes, but it doesn’t mean all middle children fit the characteristics. Gender, spacing between children, situation of the parents at the time of birth and years after, even situation of the country you live in can affect each child.

I’m the oldest of two, so no middle child in my family. My parents were the oldest of two. Just my maternal grandmother was a middle child, she was the only girl of three children, but her dad died when she was five and that was such an unusual situation I wouldn’t even count her family in any sort of antidotal evidence or theory.

My husband is the baby of three, and his brother is the middle child and definitely had more struggles, but he’s gay also, which played into some of it. His dad was particularly harsh on my husband’s brother. I think by the time my husband was born his parents had relaxed a little.

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I’m the baby. Gotta love me!

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My husband has an older and a younger brother, and “middle child syndrome” is a very real thing for him. He’s an easygoing, even-tempered peacemaker, while his parents and two siblings are difficult and demanding. Husband became so conditioned to conceding to all the drama around him, he tends to get ignored or overlooked by his family.

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My sister is a middle child. She’s very driven and eager to please. I think she felt she was competing with me (the oldest.)

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I am a middle child, but it doesn’t really count, because my older brother, by 1 year, was brain damaged and required special care. My younger sister, by 11 months, was more like a twin sister.

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I was the middle dumpling of three brothers. No bias reared itself in any direction.

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