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Would you say that Eric Cartman and Archie Bunker have/had the same character(istics)

Asked by rebbel (35547points) June 14th, 2022
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I was watching a few clips of South Park’s character Eric Cartman.
And I suddenly thought that certain traits reminded me of Archie Bunker, from the classic sitcom All In The Family.
Do you see that too, or is one of them ‘worse’?
In my eyes they are both racist, narcissistic, mean, evil, non-empathic, bullies.
What’s your view?

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Yes, and I think that Eric Cartman was created on Archie Bunkers character.

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I see similarities, even some in the voice, but I also see differences. Certainly they’re from different eras, and one’s a child while the other is a type of adult, who does at least love the people in his family . . . I guess I don’t really remember enough details about either to do a full comparison.

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Just looked online and found interesting things about who this character was based on
( real classmate) as the other characters were based on real people as well.

Number 7 on that list states the exact person that Cartman was based on.

Excellant question that provokes questions

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Thank you, @Inspired_2write, and also thank you for the link!
@Zaku Thanks!

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As a side note, “All in the Family” is an American sitcom based on the British sitcom, “Till Death Do Us Part”, which ran from 1965–75. “All in the Family” ran from 71–79. Bigotry is a topic that doesn’t seem to end.

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Good catch @Pied_Pfeffer, took the words right out of my mouth.

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