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What can't you do/find on your smartphone/cellphone? See detail.

Asked by chefl (892points) June 14th, 2022
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For example not all the crucial info shows up on the homepage like it does on a desktop. The cost a medical visit (the fact that it’s a private clinic) shows on the homepage, but not on a/some cellphones.
What else?

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Give me a minute – the number of things that can’t be done on a cellphone could take some time.

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There are countless things you probably can’t do on smartphone. The most awkward one (at least for me) is the small screen itself. This limitation of the smartphone creates more limitations on the apps which we use. Documents don’t open up correctly, you can’t edit excel, word properly. Hard to type programming languages with touch keyboard. Slow to respond sometimes, etc.

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It all depends on what the developers did. Content is different based on what browser type it is rendered in. Apps vs browsers will have significant feel.
Every site, browser, app will have differences. It’s like asking “How come this store is different than that store”.

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It’s difficult to find someone’s phone number and address without paying for it. Maybe the phone company could publish a book where they list phone number and address. Sort of a directory they could leave on everyone’s doorstep once a year!

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What does this part of the question mean: “The cost a medical visit (the fact that it’s a private clinic) shows on the homepage”?

Are you talking about the difference between the appearance of certain web sites on a mobile web browser versus how the site appears on a computer’s web browser?

If so, the answer to that is entirely dependent on which web site it is and how that site’s mobile mode in programmed.

Are you just asking for more examples of websites with crippled mobile versions?

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@Zaku “for more examples of websites with crippled mobile versions?” Yes, sometimes, that’s another way of putting it
Also, when I read answers in Fluther or some other sites where they take comments about their product etc, I come across “I can’t do…., because I’m on my….[whatever smartphone/cellphone they are using] I can do it on my desktop laptop….
So, I’m not talking about the obvious universal things one can’t do on cellphones/smartphones. Although it’s agood thing to know have a list of those too.
I don’t know this websites but I don’t see the things I was referring as obvious and universal

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@chefl Your title question has nothing to do with your details. Could you please write more clearly? All your questions are extremely confusing.

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@Zaku I didn’t post the link re. ”...this website… “in my last post. I have to search for it, I lost it the CTRL+ shift + T isn’t bringing it back.

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I have a lot of trouble with the photo-related operations, but what’s more annoying is that I cannot turn the vibrate off. I can do vibrate only, but even when I have the audio notification on, I can’t get rid of the vibration, which I utterly hate. I want to have it never. But that simply doesn’t seem to be an option.

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So, it may help you to understand that many web pages are programmed to have two versions – one for desktops, and one for mobile devices. The usual reason for this, is that computers have things like mice, keyboards, large screens, and typically less distracted users, while mobile devices have smaller screens, no real keyboards, etc.

In some cases, the mobile versions of some sites not only reorganize the display, but may omit or change some features, usually because the designers think those features may not work well on a mobile device, or may not be wanted in a mobile context. Some designers may have other weird reasons for making the versions different.

But in general, you can get a mobile device to show you the computer version of a website – it may however be pretty hard to read and use, because mobile screens tend to be so small.

*For instance, on the version of Firefox on my mobile, there is an option (tap the three dots icon in the upper-right corner, then tap the Desktop Site slider control), that will load the page representing itself as a desktop computer, and therefore show the full computer version of the site.

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@Zaku Alright. I just know that if I go to a website it should tell me on the homepage or lead me somehow, from the homepage to wherever the most important information is, esp. how much a dr’s visit would cost. It’s likesome margarine not telling you that it’s non hydrogenated? Unless it’s been proven it’s not so important, and good. It is in small print instead of out there.

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It seems to me that website designers and marketers, especially modern ones, often have very different ideas about what they think the most important information we should know, is.

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Too many products out there, like a container of skin care product, etc. don’t say what they are, just adjectives.

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On a desktop or laptop there’s no (in my experience anyway), “Do you mean Flutter?” and under that, “Fluther”,

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