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Should a hand sanitizer (that contains "72% alcohol") smell like alcohol?

Asked by chefl (892points) June 15th, 2022
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It says on the ingredient list (in very fine print) “72% alcohol” It smells like there is no alcohol in it. Don’t they want people to know (for safety reasons esp.) that there is alcohol in it? (Edited)

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Ethyl alcohol (ethanol) does have a slight odour — but its pure chemical form doesn’t generally have a scent that the human nose can detect.

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It could. But alcohol odor can also be suppressed by many other aromas.

On a separate note, I did see something that completely stunned me. It was a gel containing ethyl alcohol. Normally I would have said “hand sanitizer” since that is a perfect description. But this was in a bottle labeled “Charcoal lighter gel”

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@seawulf575 What aromas are you referring to that they can be supressed by? You mean the other ingredients?
I want the safety aspect, I need them to smell like alcohol.

By the way why don’t they have that at the front along with the name and the purpose of the product?

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^ Then what does it mean when people say that they can smell the alcohol in someone’s breath? Does this refer specifically to beer and the smell from non-alcoholic components?

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Ok, I’m with you on this. I added alcohol to the alcohol wipes I bought, because they didn’t smell like alcohol to me. It’s weird.

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Lots of hand sanitizer has “fragrance” as an ingredient, and thanks to Febreeze and their ilk, it’s possible to also add ingredients that act anesthetic for the nose. I refuse to use ANYTHING that has fragrances in it, and if the ingredients are not clearly labeled, with each ingredient having a clear function, I will not use it. Well, nobody seems to make unscented hand sanitizer, so I don’t use it.

I will never understand why people who make such stuff insist on putting such toxic ingredients in products that are supposed to make us healthier! (All fragrances are made from a huge cocktail of petrochemicals!)

I expect the products I use to smell like the ingredients,

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Ask the manufacturer.

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@snowberry it might have been a Febreeze like smell in those alcohol wipes. I wonder what the chemical is in Febreeze, I need to look that up. I hate Febreeze.

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@JLeslie Febreeze won’t tell you their ingredients. That’s because each fragrance is a copyrighted recipe, containing 200 or more different petrochemicals. You probably wouldn’t be able to pronounce any of them, and none of them are beneficial for health.

Febreeze is a nasty, toxic product. If you think the FDA has your back on this, forget it. The FDA does not regulate the ingredients in fragrances, regardless the product.

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There should be the scent of alcohol on it that naturally would keep children from drinking it or something like that.

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Alcohol has no smell, fragrances or stent can be added.

Again Alcohol has no smell !

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