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Speculate on commercial property prices online?

Asked by capet (792points) 2 weeks ago
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Are there any fairly direct ways to get exposure to US commercial property prices using an online broker (other than REITs)?

I plan to do a lot more research before I do anything, I’m just trying to understand the lay of the land. And of course I don’t intend to invest any money that I’m not ready to lose. (Also worth noting when it comes to these kinds of things: I don’t intend to make any investment that doesn’t have a maximum possible loss < the amount of cash I hold. Silly maybe, but there you go.)

(The way I’m reading it, there are a few residential real estate-related indices but no commercial real estate-related indices.)

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@capet. There are some Real Estate ETFs that invest in a variety of real estate companies and REITs. I would Google that and see if any pique your interest.

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Theres so many messed up things in housing right now, I wouldn’t touch it with your money. At least you’re prepared to lose your investment, which is helpful, but you could just lose it to a casino instead of actively making the world worse first.

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